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Just before dawn is the perfect time to venture out on the smooth sands of Half Moon Bay Weyr. The cool ocean breeze bringing in the scent of the sea long enough to stir the senses after a long slumber. After a good yawn and stretch, the tide pools are the first recommended adventure in the morning. The pools are teeming with sea life never before seen by people still in their beds; vibrant colors, unique lifeforms that even appear to emit a faint glow all on their own below the dark surface. Here is when local Sea and Dolphincrafters begin their day, completing surveys of the local fauna that emerges from the oceans. Charting their appearances, migration and feeding patterns… Unusual sightings.

"Would ye look at that?" The Dolphincrafter kneels down, reaching into the tide pool with rough hands to dislodge a bit of seaweed. Competing with the very light of morning is a small school of critters. "Peculiar little things, aren't they?" The man presses his lips into a big frown as he tries to catch the small swimming glittery creatures but to no avail. He grumbles, sitting back heavily on his rump while scratching at his chin in thought. An empty jar is removed from his bag and the little creatures are scooped up for 'study'. As he prepares to leave, something catches his eye. The rough hand that failed the capture before is rough no more! Soft with not a patch of dry skin, and shimmery to boot! "Aye, better than that bucket o'lard the kitchen's got. Smells better and looks better for the ladies. I'd be a fool if'n I don't get at least one mark by the way of these wee ones!"

OOC: Just a little something to keep things interesting. ;) Rumor has it there's a new mystery beauty product on the market! Feel free to be a little softer, sweeter, and shimmery around Half Moon Bay Weyr.

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