Reef Wing

Reef Wing was originally used for Exploration and Survey purposes but when the majority of the people who actually do their assigned roles are all members of the Sea Craft, Dolphineers, and Star Craft (Read: Crafters), it made perfect sense to repurpose the wing to include ALL CRAFTERS. Now, the wings are open to all Crafters serving at Half Moon Bay Weyr, allowing turns of skill to be put to use as intended once again in the island weyr. Non-Crafter members of Reef have been moved to Transport and Delivery to give them a sense of purpose for all the travel they do.

OOC: That's right: Reef wing has been repurposed and is now the official Crafter's Wing of Half Moon Bay Weyr. So Crafters, feel free to ask to be reassigned and get back into the swing of the very thing a lifetime of training prepared you for. The wiki will be updated to reflect this, shortly. Can't let those good skills go to waste! :D

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