A hurricane is Coming

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Early in the morning reports began filtering in from various Seacrafters, Starcrafters and Dolphineers working in the Western Sea, a flurry of messengers descending on the Weyr. By The afternoon the reports are verified by the Reef Wing an official notice is given. A massive winter storm is forming in the Western Sea and will hit the Half Moon Bay Coverage area in a matter of sevendays. Orders are given to begin preparation immediately, which includes surveying areas at highest risk for potential evacuations. Residents are being encouraged to assist in drawing up the evacuation plans, the collection of extra supplies, and the general business of storm proofing. Ships harboring in the area are encouraged to seek ports outside the path of the storm for the time being. Riders are encouraged to assist with bringing in goods from the mainland as well as assisting with the areas designated for evacuation.

OOC: And so begins our plot! The storm will be arriving officially sometime on Monday, August 1st of 2017. With the entire plot being concluded around August 13th. Please add the tag #Itsdeadjim to any logs. Thank you and enjoy!

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