Counting at Half Moon

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It was a mid-day when the call came to being preparing snacks. Only moments after that, the junior gold pair waddled their way onto the sands with a little help. Though the tempermental queen was a bit put out at her 'mate's late arrival eventually she settled down to deposit her clutch onto the sands at Half Moon Bay Weyr. When all was said and done, an even dozen eggs were spread far and wide across the ground. At which point Feyruth angrily chased everyone out of the hatching grounds so that she could have a little peace and quiet to recover. Janja has decreed no more visitors for the day but the galleries should open back up once the gold has had a good rest.

OOC search ends tomorrow, Saturday, July 30th at midnight. All apps must be in by then to be considered. IC search opens on Sunday and we hope to see you all out and about for some wonderful RP.

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