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Date: Day 19 of Month 3 of Turn 2714
Time of Day: Hour 22 – Night

By the Afternoon of the 20th, the winter storm which has been threatening to arrive for weeks hits the Half Moon Bay Area in force. Winds howl and scream as they tear through the through the weyr and surrounding area's in excess of 90MPH. Residents and visitors alike are cautioned to stay indoors as the first hits of the darkening sky arrive though many do not heed this first warning. It is recommended to remain on the ground whenever possible, though there are some who seem anxious to test their luck against the storm.

OOC: It's here! ICLY this storm will only last three days, and will be coming to an end on the 3-4th OOCly. Feel free to backdate scenes to before the storm if you do not wish to play out this setting for that long a time. We are here to have fun and roleplay! Questions, Ideas, thoughts or suggestions can be sent to *hrwadmins and Please tag logs with #itsdeadjim .

Have fun and happy roleplaying!

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