There ... And Back Again

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As clutching time for rotund golds approach, the contrasting presence of a rather scrawny and none too bright dragon settling into the Bowl just before sunset with an escort of two bronzes and a brown. Orraeloth and Liora — last seen departing as part of a large group — have returned from their stint at Ierne WeyrHold. Speculations about Orraeloth's condition — both her current one and her future expectations — naturally started up the minute the pair returned to their ledge, but summons to the Weyrwoman's office were not forthcoming.

Morning however brought the arrival of an Iernian merchant aboard a courier dragon, and the man marched promptly into the Weyrwoman's office for a very long discussion. While the Weyr administration (Enka in particular) might have tried to keep mum about the situation, the Iernian green blabbed the whole story to Western's draconic population, and by nightfall, the entire Weyr knew of Liora's sorry state.

It seemed that during her stint at the WeyrHold, Liora had become enamored of the wealth of shops and stores that were there, and her stipend — issued by Western Weyr — quickly ran out leaving her to … well, run up a tab.

Which, when recalled to Western once more, the none-too-bright goldrider forgot to pay up. Ooops. And as the return journey seemed a little hard on Orraeloth, Liora got a lecture for that too. While not quite demoted down to weyrlinghood status again, Liora has nonetheless seen a change of a sorts. She's been suspended from Atoll Wing for the time being and stuck into Sandbar on elevator duty where she'll be working her way to paying back that tab.

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