What is that thing?!

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By the third or fourth day, the storm breaks. In the predawn light the damages appear to be minor. A few downed tree limbs here and there, some missing patio furniture. The weyrlings will find that once they return to the barracks the entire place has been thoroughly soaked through, a suspiciously dead shark tossed over a few of the cots that couldn't possibly have been dragged in by the wind. Injuries too are reported as being mostly minor. Save a few brave souls who thought it wise to do silly things during the storm.
From there however, things only get stranger. Washed up in the lagoon is a massive beast the likes of which has never been seen on Pern. Easily the length of two golds pressed nose to tail, the grey green flesh of the creature is rubbery and slime coated. Massive limbs, at least a dozen or more, still trail into the waters of the bay which have turned black as pitch.
Missives go out immediately to Hold, Hall and Weyr, searching for any hint as to what this thing might be, and if there are more of them lurking hidden in the ocean depths. Archipelago is tasked with making sure the space is cordoned off, while Reef sees to getting the evacuees from the surrounding areas returned home safely.
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