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It seems that for all the work that's being done on the kitchens, things aren't coming along quite as quickly as everyone hoped. On the upside, most things are functional, though the kitchens still smell like a mixture of smoke and natural gas. On the downside, the food is still kind of meh - mostly because of the pervasive smoke and gas smell. While crafters are hard at work on resolving the problems with fuel and everything else, the Candidates will be put to work during the rare few hours when the kitchens aren't busy.

There's a lot of scrubbing to be had and rumors of a small infestation of - is it tunnelsnakes? Spinners? Rats? No one can quite get a glimpse of the critters in question and some are starting to wonder if those things are the cause of all the kitchen-related woes.

OOC: Feel free to question what's in the kitchens, what's in the food, and what the heck really happened in there. Candidates can take on scrubbing duty instead of their assigned chore, if they'd like; the cooks would certainly appreciate it!

Also! We still have that fine, fine shiny squid-festation in the tidal pools and we'll have a little fun something-something set up soonish for you guys with those!

Thanks, everyone!

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