A Promotion?

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With all that's happening in the Weyr - the kitchen situation, the infestation in the kitchen, the infestation in the tidepools, the influx of Candidates and more - it's a bit overwhelming. And while Headwoman Cosima seems to be doing a decent job, she's clearly in need of some assistance. She'd never admit it, of course, and Aglaia had been more than willing to take on the extra duties and disperse them among her juniors.

But, no more. No one's quite sure entirely whether what she did is entirely okay or not, but word filters around the Weyr that she, somehow, tapped a Journeyman Harper by the name of Lysanne to help do some of the work. While that might not be odd, the offer of a knot most certainly is.

Just what that means will be a mystery for now. In the meantime, plenty are wondering just how desperate the Weyr must be for good help when they're headhunting from the Crafts.

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