Weyrling Crash and WeyrlingMaster

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During a routine flight lesson a Weyrling and his dragon felt the need to show off some tricks. S'en and his brown Endeth are the ones in the hot seat. During the 'trick' movement Endeth banked hard to the right where Irkevalath and Sundari were in position for the lesson. The result ended with both riders and dragons crashing and injuries are reported. S'en and his brown are grounded for the next month at least with healing, and even then the WLM may refuse his ability to get back in the air depending on her mood. Irkevalath tok he brunt of the hit to the ground as the blue seeming was attemping to keep the younger brown out of harms way. The healers won't comment on injuries to theWLM a this time but she and her dragon are set to heal with time. D'nyl and Pieta are to lead flying lessons with the rest of this Weyrling class which they hope will graudate sooner rather than later.

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