Recent Events » Tentacles!

Darkness. Peaceful and quiet at the end of a long day is the way the candidate barracks should be. Should be. Only now the candidates are greeted by the sound of tricking water and the hum from pipes and unseen contraptions, the haunting glow of dim lights that reflect off the constant stream of fine bubbles rising to the surface. The surface of two very large aquariums filled with sea water, sands, volcanic rock and sparse sea plants.

Being so close to the real sea itself, these aquariums would be easily dismissed were it not for the tiny spheres with tentacles wandering around their tiny ocean. Shimmering creatures with big glossy round black eyes and tiny metallic bodies of lapis lazuli, teal and little flecks of orchid mingling through.

Between these two aquariums is a simple sign with the following scrawled across it:

'Alright, Candidates! Your mission is to keep these little guys alive and happy. Each tank has its own set of sealife. Each is provided a log book so you can document their feedings and activity levels. One half of you will man each tank. Good luck!'

OOC: There's your sign! May the best squid win. >:D Good luck to you, Candidates, and feel free to write up vignettes on the wiki as a log entry for your squidy adventures.

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