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It has been a while since L'ton has been seen constantly around the Weyr - Certainly, he did a stint overseeing the kitchen repairs, but he spent more time finding places with edible food, and he can be found later in the evenings mingling now and again. However, Dhonzayth is one of the first shapes to disappear between over the Bowl in the morning, and one of the last to return in the evening. Some are saying he had an argument with an infamous bluerider about her son, while others are carrying on about how the old bronze rider is up to his old tricks again. Either way - it may be difficult to pin him down while everything works itself out.

OOC: Over the next few weeks I'll be gone more than I am home, starting tomorrow until the 23rd - People know how to get ahold of me if you need me, but I am not sure what connectivity I will have - Please if you burn anything down, make sure it doesn't affect food quality this time ;)

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