Disorderly Disorder

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Everything was as it should of been when the candidates left the barracks this morning for PT and then their assigned chores. With that truly brutal barracks inspection just barely behind them, it might just come as a shock when people return to find their every possession tossed all over the floor, their mattresses flipped and pillows stripped of their cases. No one was spared in this whirlwind of apparent fury, though thankfully when sorting through the chaos candidates will discover that nothing is missing or broken beyond repair. It's just a mess, and hairdresser Garland of Igen is quick to point the finger at Jaelyn. Nari of Bendon Hold will be quick to explain the reason, "Lucy", and point to the screwdriver still lodged deep and unretrievable from one of the largest coral formations in one of the two squid tanks. As for Jaelyn himself? Undoubtedly he'll have plenty to do once he's released from the Infirmary for all those squid bites once the Weyrlingmasters are through with him.

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