Squid Log 7

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Squid log, Squid Date - Day 11 of Month 6 of Turn 2710. Location - Half Moon Bay Weyr. Mission: continue to collect specimens for study. After the hoomans have left the vicinity, a lone operative was sent to retrieve artifacts for our cause. The operative barely made it back in time but was /partially/ successful in our mission.

The hoomans call it a 'Citayzleat's Surgery Book'. This must be another valuable secret of the hoomans! It might hold the control the females have over the males! This female will likely be a casualty of war as a result, without the protection of her item but the sacrifice of one will save many… Squids. As the item was going to be inserted into our domicile, the heavy object slipped and fell between our temporary holding facility and the wall. It's wedged in pretty tight, too. No matter, it is still a victory!

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