Squid Log 9

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Squid log, Squid Date - Day 17 of Month 6 of Turn 2710. Location - Half Moon Bay Weyr. Mission: continue to collect specimens for study. This mission was a vital one. An important top secret mission that had zero room for error. There was one specimen above all things we have tried to secure but we were unprepared.

The other hoomans called it 'Lukhanyo'. This specimen must be the alpha male! Our mission was to secure the alpha male under the cover of darkness and bring him into our watery abode for study. Many operatives attempted to collect this 'Lukhanyo', exerting many suction cups but was unable to move him. He's quite heavy you know! After hours of failed suctioning and tentacling, we retreated back to our temporary quarters to assess the injured and to reevaluate our methods. This is only one of many attempts, we will not quit until this 'Lukhanyo' is within our grasp! We will prevail!

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