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It was a hot, muggy afternoon at Half Moon Bay Weyr when Feyruth and Emeliuth's eggs decided it was time to hatch. All twelve eggs hatched and Impressed without incident, though the number of bronzes resulted in plenty of speculation as to what was in the water.

The PC pairings are:

Lacy in Lavender Egg - A Light in the Dark Bronze Elenth - L'kan (Lukhanyo)
Egg of Ancient Power - Shot from the Storm Bronze Jabreth - N'lan (Nolan)
The Perfect Panacea Egg - Your Friendly Neighborhood Bronze Leketh - J'en (Jaelyn)
A Sign of Egg-ffection - Original Bronze Holderist Xermiltoth - R'hyn (Heryn)
Close to My Heart Egg - Language of the Soul Blue Oranth - E'mi (Emiallis)
New and Breaking Through Egg - Loved by the Sun Green Lychenth - V'nyk (Venryk)

And the notable NPCs:

First Blush of Spring Egg - Builder of Worlds Brown Krijuesth - A'xar (Caxandar)
Lively Ball of Fuzz Egg - Just Like Mama Used To Make Brown Olobgneth - O'odle (Noodle)
Furled Fingers Egg - Lakes of Crystal Blue Tivonth - T'lau (Tofilau)
Can You Keep A Secret? Egg - It's Called Art! Green Aydoth - Taleekah
Capturing the Memories Egg - Amongst Them All Green Lalasath - Fyffe
Cuddled Warmth Egg - For All I Know You're A Duck Green Stoth - Myalli

Thanks again to ALL of our Candidates and our shiny new Weyrlings! <3

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