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During the last few sevendays before the Hatching, Rezia's been sneaking around, working with various Candidates, and generally doing something that- well, it's Rezia, so it wasn't all that nefarious after all. In the end, bets were taken - without money! She's a terrible bookie - and the results posted in the Weyrling barracks. Those results are:

FIRST - L'kan (9 correct)
SECOND - Citayzleat (7 correct)
THIRD - E'mi and V'nyk (5 correct)

No doubt, those winners will be receiving gifts of some sort…

OOC: Sooo, Rezia has some shiny things for the winners, though Faranth only knows what they are. Also: the winners get an art! @mail or page me with what you want drawn and I'll get 'er done after DragonCon, when I have my soul again. Next time, I'll have a proper board set up and stuff so everyone can get in on the wild, betting action.

Thanks, everyone! :3

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