Squid Log 10

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Squid log, Squid Date - Day 20 of Month 7 of Turn 2710. Location - Half Moon Bay Weyr. Mission: continue to make our escape to continue our previous mission. We have been thwarted by the hoomans!

Immense weight has been piled upon the top of our domicile and it has made our escape into enemy territory impossible. They hold us hostage and moved our domicile into new territory. This place has a new name, the "Weyrling Barracks." Luckily for us, the hoomans have moved with us, merely changing their names in hopes of throwing us off their trail. They were mistaken. He have not lost sight of the one now called, "L'kan." Our suction cups are poised and ready. Where there's a will, there's a tentacle!

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