Gone Goldrider?

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In the sevendays after the hatching, Valigath's mounting - and shapeless - irritation will be readily felt by all the dragons in the Weyr at some point. Rampant speculation as to the cause includes everything from jealousy that Feyruth's had a clutch so recently to possibly impending proddiness to potential agitation related to the fact that she is still too large to properly wallow in the shiny waters of the tidepool.

It's impossible to say, really, and Aglaia, as usual, says nothing.

It will, then, come as a surprise only to those not in the know that she and Valigath are at the Weyr one day - and gone the next. The pertinent details eventually come out: they've gone to visit Aglaia's mother, Galina, and will be away for a few sevendays. And- that's it. Kadesh and Janja are left in charge though, of course, if there's anything urgent, she'll tend to it. Otherwise? She and Valigath are functionally incommunicado.

OOC: DragonCon season is upon us! Which means I'll be gone until September 6th or so. That includes Rezia (who can safely be assumed to be her usual self for the duration). If there's anything urgent, Kadesh knows how to reach me, though my internet will be spotty for a fair bit. I love you guys!

(please don't burn down the Weyr)

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