Kitchen Chaos!

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While the kitchens have been quiet since their restoration - though definitely lacking in any renovation, though that's wildly overdue - there's still something amiss.

Missing food. Torn aprons. Claw marks where claw marks ought not be. Terrible sounds can be heard from time to time, sounds that no Pernese creature had ever been heard making before. Some of the cooks are claiming that the kitchen is haunted - though, by what, no one can say. Still others think it's the sign of a massive infestation of something that needs to be cleared out (probably with fire). But what are they, really? No one's been able to get a glimpse of the creatures or whatever they are - they seem nocturnal and are extremely elusive.

OOC: Have fun with that for the next little bit! If anyone wants to investigate, drop me an @mail and I'll get some scenes going when I get back. <3

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