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There's a lesson in life that can be learned from a clutching queen dragon. When you gotta go … you gotta go … NOW! Accompanied by Suldith, Miraneith made her way to the Hatching Grounds at Western Weyr and proceeded to lay an even ten eggs. With junior queen Shadhavarth having already risen previously, and clutched her own seven eggs just before Miraneith took to the sands, there are now a grand total of seventeen eggs (only ten of which are PC egg code obejcts, but all are viewable on the hatching sands). This means Western's riders will be out in force to bring enough candidates to present to the hatchlings.

The bests are on, as weyrfolk and riders begin their wagers on just what will hatch and what colors will come from the two clutches. One thing is for certain, however, that there is no egg of a size or color large enough to betoken a queen — and given Miraneith's equal attentiveness towards them all — nor is there likely to be a hidden one. Still a clutch of seventeen is bound to have a variation of all the other colors.

OOC: IC Search has begun at Western Weyr! Those of you who have applied for candidacy, please be sure to set yourselves findable and be out in public so our search riders can locate you.

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