Danger Lurks Everywhere

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It was early in the morning, when the cooks were rustling the drudges and older children up to begin making breakfast, that the caverns echoed with a surprised scream. The assistant cook ran to the head cook and by the time the rest of the Weyr roused, some members of Archipelago wing were forming up for an early sweep with more numbers than usual, and they swept all day.

The terrified cook related that upon entering the living caverns to start turning on lights and set people to cleaning, she saw a small form dark rapidly out the door, leaving behind a message painted in rough letters on the walls of the cavern:

Four Hundred Turns, Lord Holders said,
we've nothing to fear from mythical thread
In Four hundred Turns let no man say
We need not depend on the Dragonman's way;
That Weyrs serve no purpose, tradition is dead:
That Pern is not threatened by Red Star or Thread.
Honor those riders the great dragons heed
Lest dragonless, all rediscover the need.
Four hundred Turns ago, four hundred hence,
Honor the Dragons — Pern's defense.

Weakness breeds in the Weyrs gone cold
Believing our world needs not the bold
But thread will return, when eyes turn bright red
If we don't change, we'll all be dead.

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