Kitchen Chaos: Resolved!

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A late evening commotion drew a very odd crowd - the Weyrleader and two bronzer weyrlings, to be precise. The source of all the trouble turned out to be, of all things, a wild fair of firelizards. Through their combined efforts, L'ton and L'kan were able to temporarily seal up the portal to the underworld that was firelizard alley, while N'lan took one for the team and lured the mass of wings and claws away. Aglaia was late to the party, of course, but Valigath crashed it loudly and sent the firelizards scattering at long last.

So, it turns out the kitchens will be undergoing a proper renovation soon, as well as some new pots and pans to make up for the damages!

OOC: Many thanks to L'ton, L'kan, and N'lan for coming out to see what was going on! The kitchens will be under repairs and renovations (again) for a while - probably a few months. Which means that there will be a lot of imported food from other places and, yes, everyone's favorite: MOAR BARBECUE.

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