Disaster... Thy Name is Liora

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It's no secret that Western's juniormost goldrider is more than a few eggs short of a dozen,and it hasn't seemed like she's improved at all in the time since her Impression. If anything, it appears that she's gotten worse. Her paperwork's gotten sloppier or she simply fails to do it (and considering she hasn't had a great deal of work to do anyway, that's saying something) which leaves more work for Enka and Iris. And there's all sorts of other incidents and rumors of incidents that have been attributed to her. In short, Liora is a walking disaster area, and it's only a matter of time before something dire happens.

OOC: With a TP in the works, Western wants YOU. Yes, that's right. YOU. The girl in the front row. Or that guy three seats back. And you… way in the back — don't think I can't see you, Bueller.

Have you ever wanted to be a victim of Liora's incompetence? Did she mix your sweetener with salt? Or put all your white underwear in the very hot wash pot with her red lingerie? And would you dream of revenge… of ANY kind?

If so, join the club! @mail Enka and let her know you want in on this racket ASAP. Just remember, IC actions just might carry IC consequences!

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