Kitchens: The Conclusion!

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It's taken long enough, certainly, but after a considerable amount of time and work, the kitchens have been reopened - and are better than ever before (according to the cooks, anyway!) Plenty of work has gone into making the space more efficient than before - and making it look nice and modern, for that matter. Rumors are swirling about that Aglaia's been poking her nose into other parts of the Weyr, perhaps to see what else can be done to improve efficiency or, in some cases, just make things look better.

OOC: The kitchens have a new description, yay! If anyone has suggestions for the next area that Aglaia should be poking her nose into, please @mail or page and let me know. I'd like to freshen up some of the descriptions around here, but it helps to have a good starting poiint.

Thanks, everyone!


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