Foreign Fashions?

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Sykan Hold isn't known for many things - and it's definitely not known for its progressive fashions. And, yet, somehow, one of the Weavers there has managed to do the unthinkable: they made something and people bought it. In fact, a few folks bought far more than they should have and, now, are experiencing buyer's remorse.

Which means that there will be traders all throughout the coverage area of Half Moon bay Weyr that will be trying to offload their once precious cargo of jackets with heavily padded shoulders in a variety of patterns to anyone willing to hear them out. And, hey, riders- they need well-padded jackets, right? Right?

OOC: And there you go! Feel free to RP around that hook for a little while. Maybe you encountred a particularly pushy trader? Or, maybe, you actually bought one because you liked the look of it. Any which way you want to play with it, have fun! Thanks, everyone!

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