Renegades in Half Moon Bay!

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The weyrlings were learning about the birds and the bees (and how terrible Ila is at drawing) when their lesson was interrupted by the sudden keening of Teimyrth. The dragon's projected warning was that they were gone, somebody had taken them, before the bronze lapsed into unreachable silence. A brown firelizard appeared moments later, delivering a note to D'nyl that had the bronzerider departing abruptly while Sundari ordered the weyrlings into lockdown within their barracks, with instructions not to leave until they were given permission by somebody with authority. The only one who did not obey was R'hyn, who delivered Sundari to the infirmary upon her collapse. N'lan stayed behind, to keep order among the restless weyrlings while Jabreth put himself at the ready to defend their 'home' if necessary. Two things are for sure: several children have gone missing from the weyr, including the children of Sundari and D'nyl, as well as the children of Ila'den's sister, Kiltara. Ila'den and his lifemate have been out of communication since and are unable to be reached.

OOC: Renegades have breached Half Moon Bay Weyr and made off with some of the wee ones, ahhh! Please feel free to use the unrest of the weyr to your RP advantage, and if you have any additional questions, please reach out to Sundari or D'nyl! Thank you to everybody who was able to make it for shenanigans last night!

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