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By now news has buzzed through the Weyr on what has happened, Renegades in the Weyr, children missing, a bronzerider and lifemate missing and the WLM is in the infirmary. With the Weyrling's just being tapped Senior Weyrling's this could have not come at a worse time. The healers have not said when Sundari will be released, and even then there is no talk of her going back to lessons, with her children missing and another on the way the healers are needless to say worried over her well being even though none are putting words to paper on that just yet. Given what has happened Pieta, AWLM will be taking over lessons with the Sr. Weyrlings. This news reached the Weyrlings the following moring by the greenrider herself who came to speak to them all so they would hear it from her and not from rumors spreading like wildfire around the weyr.OOC: Sunny is down for the moment (lesson wise at least!), but I will NPC Pieta for any lessons!

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