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Everyone's always known that Liora has never been the best and brightest ever chosen by a gold dragon, but even she seems to have crossed the line this time. Crossed the line into outright delusional insanity that is!

It was almost after breakfast in the Living Caverns with the best food eaten and the porridge left being nothing but lumpy sludge when Liora was sounding off on the injustice of being left with that terrible stuff for breakfast, even though she would have gotten better fare if she'd gotten up earlier, but she would have none of it. Spouting off rather loudly about the servers not "knowing who she is" Liora managed to coax Naeda into bringing her a mug of klah and then lunched into an epic gripe-fest about her predicament.

It seems, if anyone happened to be listening, that Liora claims both Miraneith and Shadhavarth are sterile and Orraeloth's recent flight makes /her/ the Senior Weyrwoman. And that she was going to need "help" from people.

To her credit, Naeda managed to remain neutral until Liora minced her way into the kitchen to "give the cook a piece of her mind". As neither Enka nor Iris were anywhere in vicinity to call Liora out and put her in her place, it can be assumed that there will be a steady flow of people going to the two goldriders and the rest of the Weyr leadership to report on what they heard.

Is Liora about to make a quick exit from the Weyr over these shenanigans? Whatever possessed her to say that she was the senior weyrwoman of all things?

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