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It wasn't long before the word spread all over the Weyr. Liora was in the radio room, making unauthorized purchases of luxury items for herself, and insisting that she was the Weyrwoman and therefore able to make those orders over the radio.

Naturally, this sort of thing can't go unnoticed. Soon, everyone (or at least nearly everyone) was gossiping about it. It's a fine thing to seek out random residents in the living caverns over dinner and try to recruit them to your cause, but to order things on the Western account without authorization… well, that's bound to be something else entirely.

Which begs the question … is Liora planning a coup? Because she insists she is senior as Orraeloth was the first gold to rise in some time (key word being time) baring in mind that the post of Senior Weyrwoman was never vacated, and if it had been, surely Enka would have waited until Shadhvarth was glowing since Iris would have been her choice of successor. So is Liora just crazy — a sad deluded goldrider living on a sad deluded dream? Or is she up to something?

And if she was … does she have the brains to actually pull it off?

OOC: So here's your challenge folks!

Liora's been making purchases on the company account, so to speak, for herself. And the news is spreading. How does your character react? Are you a rider, expected to brave life and limb to retrieve these items for her? A crafter, making the items (or in the same craft that does … loyalty to the home base after all) or a resident, thinking that the goldrider's living high enough on the hog as it is, and are her selfish purchases going to be taking food out of your mouth or money out of your pocket?

You can choose to participate or not. Write a vignette challenge, however long, and post it onto the wiki site under logs. Or you may @mail the vig to Enka, and she'll post it for you.

Have fun, and happy writing!

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