Trouble In The Tiki Lounge

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Liora, Western's youngest goldrider, has never made herself a particularly popular woman around the Weyr. She's never been that bright to begin with, and having done some questionable things in the past has many at the island Weyr disliking her on the grounds that she's a complete incompetent. But the latest escapade really takes the cake.

Not that accosting innocent residents and crafters in the living caverns and trying to "recruit" them to her cause wasn't bad (while sitting in the Senior Weyrwoman's chair of all things) or using Western's radio to make personal purchase orders for herself and signing them off as the Senior Weyrwoman (the orders were quickly cancelled and a subsequent reply was sent via Enka that Liora was certainly most NOT the Senior Weyrwoman). In fact, because Orraeloth managed to rise once again for the first time in a long time, Liora seems to think that she is indeed the Senior Weyrwoman despite evidence to the contrary. So far things were on the low-down, rather hush hush with the Western leadership doing their best to keep the errant junior under control long enough to get rid of her somehow, but thanks to an incident in the Tiki Lounge, it may be impossible to get any Weyr to take her, even with the promise of heavy bribes.

A drunken Liora might have been bad, but things simply went from bad to worse. Having imbibed a copious amount of alcohol, Liora was attempting to promote a bartender to Steward, and bestow the title of Wingleader on a resident who didn't have a dragon, and made loud noises about wanting to fire the Headwoman and promote her own sister to the post. When confronted by Naris, the assistant headwoman, Liora threatened to fire /her/, cozened Naeda, a resident dolphincrafter, into drinking some booze and began picking a fight with Kadesh, a visiting junior from High Reaches who herself was two sheets to the wind.

From there, the entertainment for the other patrons of the Tiki escalated to something even better than Taco Tuesdays. A hysterical Liora began ranting about wanting to kick everyone from High Reaches out of Western, threatening to go to their Senior and tell her off for good, and when Naris tried to intervene, Liora fired her. Things got physical between Kadesh and Liora, the latter attempting to slap and pull the former's hair and the former … well, she resorted to dirty tricks. Cloth tore, clothing ripped and there was Liora exposed for all to see. Gasp!

A timely intervention by Enka, who had been sent for thanks to the quick thinking of Naris, averted further disasters, but things might be near impossible for the Westerners to smooth over. Not only does the Western community talk, but there were visitors from other locations on Pern present, and soon everyone is bound to know.

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