Will She Or Won't She?

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By now, news of Liora's escapade in the Tiki Lounge has been made public knowledge. The misguided junior was confined to her weyr, but whether she has to remain there indefinitely or if it was just for the night remains to be seen. In fact, some overheard a conversation between two of the watchriders in the living caverns.

"… caught sight of her sneakin' out. Her and that dimwit gold of hers. Hovering around the hatching grounds."

"… bet the Weyrwoman'll end up camping on her ledge or something, keep her under lock and key."5R
"… actually don't think she's gonna clutch, do you?"

"… do I look like I know. I ride a green, couldn't tell you if Orraeloth looked gravid or not. Looks scrawny to me."

"…huh, still cruising around the hatching grounds means they're scoping it out. Maybe try and sneak out there when nobody's looking."

So /is/ Orraeloth going to clutch or not? And if there really are eggs in that belly of hers, she's been apparently checking out the hatching grounds which are currently very very empty.

OOC: So when is this all going down? Try Friday night at 8:30 p.m. EST. Orraeloth and Liora are going to break their curfew (if that's what you wanna call it) and make a run for the Hatching Grounds. But eggs aren't the only things in store for the night. Wondering what else might happen? Be there or be square.

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