Dire Tidings From Western

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Despite the fact that she had flown, mated and was presumably gravid, Orraeloth's condition didn't seem to indicate that she was carrying eggs at all. In fact, she looked much the same as she always had — just that little bit on the scrawny side. By everyone's reckoning, she wouldn't even clutch at all.

Yet, sure enough, Orraeloth and Liora headed for the Hatching Sands. Or rather, Orraeloth headed for the sands, and Liora headed for the galleries to gloat over the fact that everyone was /wrong/ and that her dragon would be clutching in short order.

Unfortunately, things did not go smoothly. Orraeloth hissed and whined her way through the process, and after laying two tiny wrinkly looking eggs, and finally managing a better-looking slightly larger one, pandemonium ensued when the gold began to screech and flail around wildly. Dragonhealers converged on her, with Miraneith all but pinning Orraeloth down for their inspection. Liora tangled with both Naris and Naeda, and went into hysterics despite their best efforts to calm her.

And while she was working up a good scream, Naris kissed her in the effort to shut Liora up. Which it did. And not to point fingers or anything, but that on top of whatever else has happened to Liora lately seemed to push the goldrider right over into babbling incoherency — complete with animal noises.

In the end, both Orraeloth and Liora have been installed in the infirmary together, watched over by dragonhealers and healers alike. It wasn't long before news of what befell Orraeloth began circulating. What should have been a clutch of five was only now a clutch of three, as the final two eggs tried to come out at the same time, resulting in an eggbound gold and the loss of both eggs (inviable as it seems) as the dragonhealers worked on her. Liora is in a somewhat catatonic state, and the healers seem likely to want to leave her that way for a while to rest and heal.

In short, a brief pall has been cast across Western Weyr, as nobody quite knows what'll happen to Orraeloth and her rider. That both are alive and as well as any might be under the circumstances, there can be no doubt, although Orraeloth might never clutch again, and Liora … well, nobody's quite sure if this condition is better for her or not.

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