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For a long time, the most anyone could get from the infirmary about the hapless junior and gold dragon tucked away with in was that there was no change. Liora was still in a state of shock, kept insensible on frequent tinctures of fellis by the Healers attending her and Orraeloth — the latter herself rather in a dozing state, fed frequently and heavily to keep her sedated as well. But of late, dragons and their riders have reported stirrings of awareness from that section of the infirmary, brief spurts of thoughts from Orraeloth. From Liora, there's little improvement, unless one counts the fact that her occasional emissions of sound are less barnyard animal and more incoherent babbling, but a brownrider who was in the infirmary for a checkup reported to the Living Caverns that he saw the goldrider up and about, escorted by a bevy of Healers.

As for Orraeloth's tiny clutch warming on the Hatching Sands under the watchful eyes of Miraneith and Shadhavarth who take it in turn to guard the little trio, the golds report that the third egg is most definitely viable, although it's hard to tell with the first two that Orraeloth clutched. In any case, it won't be long now before the eggs or simply just -the- egg Hatch.

Once that happens, perhaps it'll be time for the Weyrleadership to decide what to do about Liora. And maybe all that sands sitting has gotten a little too 'maternal' for one of the golds and she wants more… and it's not Miraneith.

Hmm, something's afoot!

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