Weyrling's *Between* Chart

Below is the chart for weyrling pair's progress on the WeyrlingMaster's Test.

  • If a weyrling receives an X, it means they have failed the test and have died *between*
  • If a weyrling receives a B, it means they have passed the test and have successfully *betweened*
  • A weyrling pair will not be approved for a practical *between* until they have more B's than they have X's. This means, that if a weyrling rider has earned two X's they must have three B's in a row in order to be approved for *between*
Rider Name Outcome of WeyrlingMaster's Test How Many Tests Taken Approved For Betweening
S'cha XBB Three Yes
N'gud B One Yes
Alyalyssa XXX Three No
K'xas B One Yes
Lindi XBXBBB Six Yes
Mandala BB Two Yes
T'tan B One Yes
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