Black Moon Hold
Black Moon Hold
Affiliation Half Moon Bay Weyr
Imports Various Goods
Exports Pearls, various other goods



Nestled between the Ring of Fire Sea and Half Moon Bay, Black Moon Hold is a lesser known cothold founded after the end of the last pass. Salazar and Morrell were two brothers booted from their respective crafts, local legend has it that the brothers were marooned on the crescent-shaped island and eventually found their way back to civilization proper. They won the right to found the cothold (and some versions claim their wives) in a game of chance. How much the tall tale has grown over the years leaves room for speculation but the story has stuck.

Ruled by a council of elders rather than the typical Lord and Lady set up, the Island experienced a rather prolific population boom. Most Islanders can trace their lineage back to one of the two brothers, but over the turns, the Island has also welcomed those who have been booted from their crafts or otherwise struggle to make a life for themselves. A thriving and vibrant community there isn't much that they are unable to provide for themselves.

Black Moon has many exports, but the most famous are the pearls found within the extensive coral reefs that surround the island protecting the Lagoon. The area is also known for the black sand beaches, music and dancing, colorful people, incredible waves, phosphorescent waters, and excellent food recovered by the Black Moon Divers.


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Island Sayings

Saying: Leave it with the tide.
Meaning: Don't worry about things that you can't control or that aren't worth worrying over.

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