Bluefire Hold
Bluefire Hold
Lord Holder Lord Alexavanian
Lady Holder Lady Halyria
Heir(s) Alexryin/Vanyri
Affiliation Half Moon Bay Weyr
Imports Various Goods
Exports Natural Gas

Considered dark by many, this hold exists mainly to oversee gas production.

Blue Fire Hold - Harbor

Encircled within two sandy prominences, a deep harbor of clear aqua waters shimmers under a tropical sun. Sailing and fishing boats ply the waters, but the main shipping appears to be flat barges with pressurized metal cylinders from the gas fields bound for the Western Islands.

The waterfront consists primarily of large docks build to accommodate the barges exporting natural gas tanks but there is a marina off to one side that suffices for smaller private vessels. Quieter public beaches are located in smaller lagoons along the shores while this harbor remains busy with the industry of loading and unloading gas tanks and the fish needed to sustain the people of this hold.

A crushed shell road leaves the area, passing beyond thick green growth - palms, broad-leafed greenery and gorgeous flowering vines, heading north before it splits into a Y, the east branch leading to a bluff overlooking the harbor where the hold perches, the west branch moves deeper inland where the gas fields lie.

Blue Fire Hold - Natural Gas Fields

Inland from the harbor, accessible via a crushed shell road, these grassy, treeless lowlands are dotted with tall towers constructed of metal framework. Here Blue Fire Hold is engaged in extracting and bottling the natural gas that Pern supplies. Runner-drawn carts of filled canisters rumble down the road to the harbor and the barges awaiting them while others, with empty canisters for refilling return.


Blue Fire Hold - Central Hold

The crushed shell road from the harbor wends its way through palms and lush vegetation before splitting in a Y, one branch heading further inland to the gas field, the other to the hold proper.

Constructed of pale-colored shell and limestone coquina blocks, this thick-walled hold remains cool even during the summer months, partially due to the wide porch that wraps around the entire building. A small working hold, Blue Fire is utilitarian in organization: a large rectangular room with simple wooden tables and benches serves for dining, socialization, and meetings. The floors, made of the same coquina stone as the cream-colored walls, are polished to a shine and kept scrupulously clean.

Blue Fire Hold - Residential Quarters

Just off the main hall, the residents quarters consist of a few common dorm type rooms with cot and clothes press. Windows look out onto a wrap around porch, which allows light into the spacious rooms while keeping the heat out. There are private rooms available for journeymen and masters as well as a public bathing room at the end of the hall.

Notable NPCs

Name Relation Location Position
Alexavanian Father Blue Fire Hold Lord Holder
Halyria Mother Blue Fire Hold Lady Holder
Vanyri Younger Brother Blue Fire Hold Runaway

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