Firelizard Hatching!

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It seems the fertility bug isn't finished with Janja and C'vryn yet. Even Janja's Aurora has gotten in on the flight happenings going on around Half Moon, leaving eggs all over the couple's weyr. There are even a few that look suspiciously smaller than the others, as if the bright gold has been scavenging for more.

We will be hosting a multi-clutch firelizard hatching at 8pm Eastern, Friday, July 22nd. All are welcome for rp fun and to get a little critter of their very own. Just +go hmw, then rp for the rooftop patio! The basket of eggs should be on display there soon! If for some reason you can not be here but would like an egg, please @mail Janja and C'vryn with your interest and any special requests and we'll get back to you if there are any left over eggs.

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