Candidate Rules

Welcome to Candidacy at Half Moon Bay Weyr! Before you lays a path of great fun, excitement, and self-discovery for both player and character if you let it. But, unfortunately, there are some rules that go with this, but IC and OOC.

IC Rules

1. No sex. We cannot stress this enough. ICA=ICC and this is a big one. Though we can't stop your rp and we won't be monitoring private rooms, if it gets out ICly that a candidate has been partaking of the pleasures of the flesh, they will be removed from candidacy ICly and OOCly for this cycle. It is highly dangerous for young dragons to have their riders focusing their love and attention on others, so it's best to just start the celibacy preparation now, and it's dangerous for candidates to enter the sands pregnant.

2. No fighting. Though this isn't necessarily a deknotting offense, especially the first time around, it can be if the problem is repeated. Strong anger is dangerous to the minds of young drags who don't know how to process such strong emotions, so, once again, it's best to learn to control them now.

3. No leaving the Weyr without an escort. Period. If you get caught going outWeyr without an escort, well, the reason will affect the punishment, but you'll likely regret it. OOCly this isn't hard to manage, just have an NPC rider go with you if a PC isn't available.

4. No more than one glass of alcohol a day. Drunkenness after impression can cause your dragon to go /between/, so best to start weaning yourself now. If you impress, you won't be able to drink at all. Any candidate caught in a drunken state or reported by the barstaff as breaking this rule will be PTd until they puke. Period.

5. No entering private residences for any reason, be it weyr or room. The only Private room Candidates should be in is their own barracks.

OOC Rules

1. ICA-ICC. If you get caught, expect punishment rp. If you don't want the ICC, don't do the ICA. It's that simple. Many of us /love/ torturing our characters with things like excessive PT or threats of removal. Others don't.

2. No matter how awesome a prank sounds, you must get it approved by Co first. A quick @mail to all of Co and any affected parties will get you through just fine.

2a. You cannot force anyone to participate in your prank, no matter how awesome, or how essential they may be to your plans.

3. Don't pester Co. They're working very hard to try to get a fair look at everyone, run events, and build dragons. It doesn't hurt to @mail a quick question about ICC, but bigger questions should be @mail'd, especially prank and activity approval.

4. Candidates can talk privately on =hmw/position:Candidate. Feel free to use it. I've been on cycle at many weyrs where it was used to plot, plan, discuss eggs, etc away from the prying eyes of the public.

5. At no time should a Candidate ever be set unfindable. Doing so gives the impression you're doing something you're not supposed to and will be remedied by your removal. Just don't do it.

6. Have fun. I know it's listed last, but this is our most important rule. We want all of you to have fun.

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