Gender Male
Current Home Blue Fire Hold
Place of Birth Blue Fire Hold
Occupation Heir
Hair Blond
Eyes Blue

Short blonde hair resides on this man's head, cropped short along the nape of his neck and kept well groomed. His face is round, tanned from hours in the day's light and highlighted by a pair of narrow blue eyes framed with the faint lines of wrinkles beginning at the edges. Lining around his mouth and jaw are whiskers of the same golden hues as the hair upon his head, trimmed for a simple yet clean appearance. This man stands tall at six foot one, of average build in proportion to his height. He's fit and muscular but not overly so, showing turns of work but nothing to excess.

Simple in dress, this man wears a well tended cream colored tunic that fits loosely about his broad chest and shoulders. The tunic is tucked into dark brown leather pants that end within heavy and weathered boots laced up to mid calf. A black leather belt is snug around his waist, holding a knife at his side and a pouch for small belongings at his other.


Alexryin is the eldest son of two born of Blue Fire Hold's Lord Alexavanian and Lady Halyria. Both boys were raised strict from the beginning, trained well in the workings of their home Hold and pushed to excel in their studies with the Harper Hall. His family was of firm belief that life has a way of creating chaos where it isn't wanted so it would be in the best interests of the boys to be prepared. Alexryin was tasked with the supervision of operations within the Hold proper and his younger brother tasked with the business and public relation side. While Alexryin devoted his life to service, his brother was given favor over his reputation when dealing with the weyr and holds that come to call. An arranged marriage was made with the intention of naming the younger brother heir but the wedding was quickly called off when the young man fled into the night to stand for the clutch hardening on Ista's sands before he was too old and his bride to be in the opposite direction to parts unknown. Now, Alexryin is forced to fill his brother's role as well as his own to this day.


Name Relation Location Position
Alexavanian Father Blue Fire Hold Lord Holder
Halyria Mother Blue Fire Hold Lady Holder
Vanyri Younger Brother Blue Fire Hold Runaway



Bronze Tarnish

The form of this young firelizard appears to have been sculpted by the finest metals from it's slender snout, wide sweeping wings, strong body with powerful muscles rippling down hind quarters and ending at the tip of a long whip-like tail. It's body might as well be average in comparison to other firelizards but his most prominent feature is the hues covering his hide. Tarnished bronze covers his skin, engulfing the entirety of it's body. Hints of coppery flecks shimmer from his chin, down his slender throat where it vanishes upon his belly. The work left unfinished within the shell is the vibrant polish upon the top of his head to tiny headknobs, where his hide gleams flawless in hue and bright.


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