Puppet Setup

You can always follow directions as listed in 'pup control' but I find this easier to set and be done with instead of having to memorize/reference a list of commands.

&OBJECT me=$ALIAS *:@fo #DBREF=[trim([switch(1,strmatch(%0,@emit*;*),@emit [escape(rest(%0))],strmatch(%0,*;*),escape(%0),%0)],l,\\)]

All text in BOLD should be modified to fit your dragon or firelizard:

  • OBJECT should be dragon's/firelizard's full name (ie, 'Xermiltoth' or 'Zula').
  • ALIAS should be a 2-4 letter alias for your dragon/flit (ie, xerm for Xermiltoth or zul for Zula).
  • #DBREF should be your object's dbref (type 'look dragonth' or 'look firelizard' if you do not know their dbref), including the # symbol.

&XERMILTOTH me=$xer *:@fo #1234=[trim([switch(1,strmatch(%0,@emit*;*),@emit [escape(rest(%0))],strmatch(%0,*;*),escape(%0),%0)],l,\\)]
&ZULA me=$zul *:@fo #1234=[trim([switch(1,strmatch(%0,@emit*;*),@emit [escape(rest(%0))],strmatch(%0,*;*),escape(%0),%0)],l,\\)]

And if you haven’t already:
@set object=!halt

You can now use your puppet as you would yourself, just place their <alias> in front.
'<alias> +go hmw' will teleport your puppet to Half Moon's East Bowl.
'<alias> :tests.' will emit 'Puppet tests.'

Modifying Straps

&DESC-STRAPS Dragonth=About [name(me)]'s shoulders rests a set of standard issue weyrling straps. Dyed a nondescript grey, they seem to have seen better days but are only intended for use until the young dragon stops growing so rapidly.

Feel free to use the weyrling desc as a template for creating your own straps desc. Be as simple or as spammy as you wish, bearing in mind everyone who looks at your dragon while your straps are enabled ('straps on') will see this desc in addition to your dragon desc when they 'look dragonth'.

Display Child Age (+sheet)

Following directions on '+help +time':

+time/age TT.MM.DD

This returns the birthsecs to set in order to reflect a specific age.

Now you can attribute the birthsecs to yourself to keep track of whose are whose.

For example, when setting up Ibsyglei:
&IBSYSECS me=1497484317
&CHILDREN me=Ibsyglei ([age(v(Ibsysecs))])

Displays: Ibsyglei (0 Turns, 11 months, and 15 days)

More tips or tricks to add? Feel free to drop them in here! If your command list is very long, we just ask that you put it under an expansion to cut down on spam. <33


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