Character Concepts

For anyone who wishes to come play at Half Moon Bay Weyr, there is a world of possibilities for you in terms of who you wish to play, and how you wish to play them. That said, while we here at Half Moon Bay Weyr support, welcome and look forward to the many characters that join us here at the tropical Weyr, we have provided here a list of some suggestions for specific character ideas we are looking for in terms of current on-going plots, to allow a player a chance to get some vested interest in roleplay hooks, or particular contributions that might lead to further development of a character either as long-term or short-term community interaction.

Currently we are looking for:

Background Concepts

  • Gone Native: You (and/or your family) came to Emerald Island on a vacation. You (or your parents/aunts/uncles/whatever) loved the place so much, that it was time to put down roots. But starry-eyed adoration of the scenery and culture only lasts so long. It's time to find a job, so you can stop sponging off the goodwill of the locals and feed yourself. Half Moon Bay Weyr is always hiring
  • Crafters: As Half Moon Bay Weyr is located on an island many thousands of miles from the Tillek penninsula, it's required that the Weyr be as self-sustaining as it could. Crafters are needed to help provide the necessary support staff for self-efficiency. Currently, Half Moon Bay Weyr is looking for crafters of all kinds.
  • Riders: Half Moon Bay Weyr is always in need of older riders to fill out the wings, and accepts instas of all colors, except gold. Newly created instariders will need to spend 90 days on the Ierne WeyrHold knot, but are more than welcome to come visit Half Moon Bay Weyr at any time. Several NPC riders might be available for adoption, check the adoptables page for further information about them.

General Concepts

  • Weyrbrats
  • General Residents
  • Bartenders/Waitresses at the Tiki Lounge
  • Dock workers
  • Headwoman
  • Steward

Requested Concepts

  • Headwoman
  • Assistant Headwomen
  • Candidates (of course)

Plot Related Concepts

  • Glitter Embargo Patrolmen/Black Market Dealers: Yes, there's an embargo on glitter. No, don't ask why. (The weyrleader accidentally signed a thing… it's a long story…) But now that it's in place, chaos abounds - enterprising folk are making a small fortune selling it anyways, despite the weyr's best efforts at cracking down on it. There's even a task force. Honestly.
  • Ilyscaeth's Flight Survivors: There's always a rash of chaos that ensues after gold flights. People are discombobulated, or injured, or generally just not in the mood to hurry home. So please, linger, and maybe enjoy a drink or two at the Lounge. Real life can wait a little while longer.

If you are interested in any of these positions at Half Moon Bay Weyr, please don't hesitate to contact anyone on Half Moon Bay's staff for further information or assistance. We're really looking forward to having you here with us.

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