The cuisine of Half Moon Bay Weyr is notable for two things: its elegance and its tropical flavors. The Weyr loves its food and, more importantly, it loves presenting that food in a way that's artful as well as delicious. Everything carries with it a taste of the exotic and is easily comparable to the foods from Tahiti or Hawai'i.

Tropical fruits, barbecued meats, and all manner of seafood form the powerful backbone of the Weyr's meals. Kebabs made with fruit and porcine or wherry are a particular favorite, often served alongside sweet rolls or fried strips of tuber. Grilled meats and fish are another common preparation, often served in a flatbread with various types of salsa.

Porcines or wherries are occasionally cooked in firepits underground for a feast that's especially spectacular. Such great feasts are held on the beach from time and are typically served with a splendid assortment of dishes and drinks.

Drinks made of coconut milk or fruit juice are a special treat - and iced drinks are a particular specialty, alcoholic or otherwise. And, speaking of alcohol, there is plenty of that to be had as well.

Light and fruity desserts - perfectly chilled and served with cream or fruit-based syrups - are standard fare; pastries and cakes are not quite as common as they might be in other places on Pern, but they can be found from time to time.

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