Half Moon Bay Weyr's residents are a bit more carefree than most - even other Weyrs. Clothing - when worn - is usually made of light fabrics and bright colors, sharing a great deal of similarity to the clothing of both Ista Weyr and certain traders in the Igen desert.

The styles are fairly loose, all in all - lots of billowing blouses and loose-fitting trousers with ties. Wrap skirts and halter tops are a normal sight, as are sari-style dresses. Men and women alike are liable to be seen in the dresses and skirts - there are no social boundaries where comfort is concerned. Sandals and bare feet are equally common; minimalist footwear being much more comfortable than wearing clunky boots or normal shoes.

Riders typically wear their riding gear only when they must; the weather and climate is rough on the leather and gear must be replaced more frequently than they might in other locales.


Distinctly known for balmy trade winds, mild temperatures and sunny skies throughout most of the year, Half Moon Bay Weyr has made a name for itself as a tropical paradise. As such, the Weyr doesn't have what can be termed distinct seasons. There's the winter which is usually warm and summer which is warmer, with average daytime temperatures ranging from about 75°F during cool season and 85°F and up during the warm summer months. During the winter, nighttime temperatures may fall as low as 50°F though the average tends to be a little higher, and summertime nocturnal temperatures are not much lower than they are during the day. With such intense sunlight during the summer months, Half Moon Bayites have taken to a custom of a midday siesta (or at least, staying indoors even if they are not particularly sleeping) when the sun is directly overhead.

Emerald Island has a windward side, and a leeward side; Half Moon Bay Weyr and Half Moon Bay Hold are located on the southerly portion of the windward side where warm trade winds blowing from the main continent and swirling upwelling oceanic currents have made this part of Emerald Island much greener and moister than the other parts of the Island. Half Moon Bay Weyr enjoys a good deal of rainfall, green topical jungle plants and the abundance of rain has created lush pastures for the prized runner stock of nearby Half Moon Bay Hold. Due to the tradewinds, the weather is a little cooler on the windward side (but not by much) than it is on the leeward side. Rainfall is common on the island, and as the local residents say "It's raining somewhere." nearly every day, so it's no surprise that Half Moon Bay Weyr might experience short, light showers frequently. Clouds drift by often, casting shadows across the ground below.

The waters around Emerald Island are warm, nearly as warm as the air outside, which means that even in the cooler winter months, it's not uncommon to see visitors and island residents alike flocking to the beaches to sport in the tropical waters. Surfing is a popular pastime, and some of the best surfing spots are secret locations on the north shore of Emerald Isle not far from Sykan Hold. The exact locations are prized secrets for the locals, so visitors will have to befriend someone who lives in the area if they want to surf big waves. Storms are generally mild throughout the year, but more often than not, trade winds intensify and tropical storms are not unknown to wreak havoc on the islands. Hurricanes are relatively rare however, although not unexpected, and the residents of emerald Island have long since learned to prepare for such events.


The cuisine of Half Moon Bay Weyr is notable for two things: its elegance and its tropical flavors. The Weyr loves its food and, more importantly, it loves presenting that food in a way that's artful as well as delicious. Everything carries with it a taste of the exotic and is easily comparable to the foods from Tahiti or Hawai'i.

Tropical fruits, barbecued meats, and all manner of seafood form the powerful backbone of the Weyr's meals. Kebabs made with fruit and porcine or wherry are a particular favorite, often served alongside sweet rolls or fried strips of tuber. Grilled meats and fish are another common preparation, often served in a flatbread with various types of salsa.

Porcines or wherries are occasionally cooked in firepits underground for a feast that's especially spectacular. Such great feasts are held on the beach from time and are typically served with a splendid assortment of dishes and drinks.

Drinks made of coconut milk or fruit juice are a special treat - and iced drinks are a particular specialty, alcoholic or otherwise. And, speaking of alcohol, there is plenty of that to be had as well.

Light and fruity desserts - perfectly chilled and served with cream or fruit-based syrups - are standard fare; pastries and cakes are not quite as common as they might be in other places on Pern, but they can be found from time to time.

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