Rubik's Complex Curmudgeon Bronze Aedeluth

At first glance, there isn't much that can be said about this dragon, other than he appears to be uniformly and uncompromisingly bronze in hue, from the tip of his snout to that of his tail fork. His body, muscled without being bulky, doesn't appear to possess a single feature that might set him apart from any other of his color group. Perfectly average to the point of textbook, surely to be dismissed with but a passing glance, ultimately boring. However, upon closer inspection, it's revealed that this is farthest from the truth. There are subtle differences in the pigment of his hide that may very well make him the most striking of creatures ever to have set foot on Pernese soil. The faintest of striations streak across the entirety of him in only the finest of spun gold, making his surface appear scratched or machined in that way that gives character rather than deflecting from his appearance. Tiny freckle-like globs of chestnut brown are scattered about seemingly without purpose or pattern, mixed in with flecks of rust and ghostly kisses of klah-brown. Muted highlights of deep copper whisper along his eyeridges and jaw, tips of his headknobs and neckridges, the edges of his wingsails and snout, as well as his every rib. The places where miniscule color variations collide give suggestion of the groves, dings, or divots that can be found on any rare antique or valuable collectible. It's the upper portion of his right hind limb that is anything but average in that it looks somewhat desiccated in comparison to the other. Likely, it's the reason he walks with a pronounced limp. As if to offset this flaw, the lower half of the same limb, can only be described as bitchin'. An apparition of flame a shade or two darker than the rest of him wafts up from around his toes, drifting up over the paw and fades off about a quarter of the way past the first joint.

Egg Name and Description

Drone, Hum, and Whirr Egg
Varied hues of gunmetal grays allow for the deceptiveness of depth and shadow that all too easily trick the eye into believing there are layers upon layers of interconnecting elaborate pathways that seemingly go on forever, winding deeply within themselves to a molten core. Flecks of green and crimson are scattered throughout, tucked away or right on the surface, sometimes catching the light just right to make them glow or flicker as if buzzing to life, while brilliant beams of gold zip along steely bridges passing their secrets from one node-like splatter of cerulean to another. It's not possible, right? The way that this egg seems to thrum with almost mechanical activity despite remaining perfectly still.

Hatching Message

Wobble: Drone, Hum, and Whirr Egg is somewhere among the others, perhaps tucked away and forgotten, unseen as it shifts slightly to the left only once before wriggling purposefully. The metallic sheen ever present along the shell catches light just right with the rotation, sending deceptively realistic beams of golden energy to shoot quickly across to the blue orb-like splotches which seem to pulse in reaction. Just as abrupt as it had sprung to life, it ‘powers down’ completely as movement comes to a standstill.

Crack: Drone, Hum, and Whirr Egg has started to twitch again, the previous slow tilt has now left it completely side-lying before it lurches forward, noticeable cracks appearing from the half still in relative shadow, appearing to severe several of those oddly complex metal-like connections along its surface. Jump! Leap! Critical pathways continue to catching light, a ghostly glow lingering here and there, it begins to roll towards a small batch of candidates before coming to a stop and moves no more, the illusion of its electrical charge fading into nothingness. It's just an egg, you know.

Hatch: Drone, Hum, and Whirr Egg might just be having some sort of mini seizures over there having begun in such a way that they were imperceptible, but now that there was some genuine effort being expended to break free of that shelled prison, actively twitching this way and that. Nearly turned over the opposite direction as before, it's rolling again, away from that one grouping of candidates and headed off towards another before unpredictably changing directions as if on some sort of invisible track. Just as strangely, it takes a quarter turn before ceasing completely. In a nearly mechanical motion, it rights itself by teetering back to standing up straight. A crackling like static becomes audible, seconds before the apex completely launches off the rest with enough force to send it up into the air. By the time this part has landed, the rest of the egg is shot away as well, leaving a hatchling in the shattered remains.

Impression Message

The sights, sounds, and heat of the sands around you suddenly freezes into a single flickering frame, as if someone had just hit the pause button on a video recording. The held image begins to distort into something unrecognizable, if only to disappear into static and then finally there is only darkness. Nothingness. No sight. No sound. No taste. No touch. No scent. Your consciousness sealed away, as if inside a sensory deprivation chamber, where even your own thoughts echo too loudly. A voice, decidedly on the deeper side of tenor, brushes the edge of your mind. “S’van.” It sounds processed, distorted, as if the owner were speaking through the blade rotations of fan set on low. Somewhere far off, pale blue pathways flicker into existence, shooting off to elsewhere and then vanish; the smell of dust burning fills your nostrils. There, then gone again. Behind your eyes, an eerily green image glows, shimmers, begins to come into focus. Ones and zeros. Shifting between one another, slowly at first, but is soon scrolling at an alarming rate. Booting Up. Startup Initiated. Please Wait. Processing… Processing… The information flows, drawn through multiple channels. With an electrical buzz, multiple digitized screens pop up in the background quickly swept into a relentless cascade of replication, too dizzying to follow. “I’m Aedeluth.” Negotiating with Host. A low and constant hum whirs into being, droning now in the background of your mind forever. Connection established. A powerful hunger slams into your perception, forcing your spine to straighten. “What’s for dinner?” Then there is only the bronze hatching sitting before you on the sands, tilting his head to the side, his icy blue eyes whirling eagerly at you as all the rest of your senses bleed back into reality.


Early Days:

Stella: What's wrong with your foot?
House: War wound.
Stella: Does it hurt?
House: Every day.
Stella: Is that why you're so sad?
House: Oh, aren't you adorable. I'm not sad, I'm complicated, chicks dig that. One day you'll understand.

As you are no doubt aware, there is something wrong with Aedeluth’s right hind leg. He can walk on it, but it causes him a good deal of discomfort to do a lot of it. You will likely spend some time with the Dragonhealers as they try to suss out what is exactly is wrong: that one of the muscles in his upper right thigh failed to properly develop. Rehab and pain management will equal a long recovery period and less free time. You will still be expected to attend all of your lessons and see to all your weyrling duties. You can stretch this rehabilitation time out or shorten it as you like, but Aede will always have the tiniest bit of a limp that ultimately doesn’t affect his quality of life all that much.

Foreman: What do you expect me to do, House? Quit? Cry?
House: Actually, I expect you to act like what you are: my employee, my subordinate, my bitch.

As for his…charming…personality? Clash of the Titans, right from the get go, you and Aedeluth are probably going to bump heads. It’s inevitable. Kismet. Fate. He’s of the understanding that you are his beck and call girl (no matter what you are doing at the time), so if he wants or needs something he’s going to expect whatever it is to be done or provided for him. Immediately. If you comply? Great! If you don’t? He will make you suffer and he will NOT apologize for it. Whether it’s hiding his dragon bombs in other weyrling’s couches or projecting your most embarrassing memories on a big screen for your weyrling class to see, if not every single rider within range. He’s wicked smart, he knows it and he has no problems letting everyone else know it too. He’s cocky, he’s self assured, and he’s very difficult to rile up. Not to say that he won’t stand up for what he believes in, because he will, especially if that thing just so happens to be you.

Wilson: “You can be a real jerk sometimes, you know that?”
House: “Yeah, and you're the good guy.”
Wilson: “At least I try.”
House: “As long as you’re trying to be good, you can do whatever you want.”
Wilson: “And, as long as you’re not trying you can say whatever you want.”
House: “So, between us, we can do anything. We could RULE the world!”

He has a fairly twisted sense of humor and he often tries to backtalk himself out of sticky situations entirely of his own making. Whether he is successful or not will depend on the situation and whomever he is trying to outwit. He is not above being mean, even cruel, especially if feels slighted. He will depend on you to be his moral compass because he doesn’t seem to have one. When he’s scrolling through his menu of options, this would be the perfect time to try and dissuade him from making the wrong decisions. Though, he’s not always going to listen to you. In fact, most of the time he does whatever he wants and you’ll struggle to win mostly every argument. Mostly because he’ll say something either ridiculously clever or just so random that you won’t be able to do anything other than laugh.

House: [to Cameron] You do know that you can't really pierce me with your stares.

Aedeluth will get along just fine with just about everyone in your weyrling class as long as they can put up with the sarcastic grump of the old man your lifemate clearly represents. He’s got countless layers and he’ll open up if he feels that someone is putting in the effort, but will only let someone in as far as he feels comfortable with. There will be some that he lets all the way in, those…are the keepers. He draws very clear lines in the sand with everything. In his early days, those line will be very very thin. If anyone steps over their line (for example: by being too loud or boisterous), he’ll be quick to quash it - or try to. He will have a particularly hard time with those of your class that are more…energetic than he is. Either setting himself off to the side to peer at them as if he believes every single one of them crazy, or lashing out if one of them decides to engage him directly (or tries to draw him out of his hermit shell).

« Ilyscaeth…has a decent set of hind limbs, but I think she might have gone without oxygen for a bit there after she hatched… »

Unless he is challenged in such a way that he feels more than his sarcastic wit is required, he just won’t care - feathers unruffled - until someone tries to get you directly involved. Then it’s game on. Aedeluth will fight to the death for you, but rest assured he’s not going to coddle you. He knows his lifemate has balls of steel, because he knows you better than you know yourself. He’ll expect you to speak up for yourself, to stand your ground before he’ll even consider stepping in. Regardless of the situation, he will always feel that he is above discipline, above rank, above restrictions. He has no problems being grounded or punished… if he’s caught. But oh, he is clever one. He isn’t above pranks (though he might need your assistance with some of them), and he can be just as smug as you are.

“Aede, no.”
« Come on. I’ll make it worth your while. »
Growl. “I said no.”
« I could get Leketh to share some of the… »
Stares. “…Aedeluth!”
« Don’t Aedeluth me, S’ven. You’re tempted. » GRIN « Admit it. »

The challenges that you faced in the beginning will haunt you right through his adolescence. As he was grumpy sarcastic in the beginning, so shall he be to the bitter end. Only it’ll get worse, nastier, all so that he can hone his wit to a razor’s edge. Your solace will be that Aedeleth will become more selective in whom he chooses to destroy. It will also appear that he becomes kinder, gentler, even deceptively nice to others. It. Is. An. Act. He can PLAY nice, and Adult with the best of them. He’s playful about it, as long as no one gets on his bad side, especially if he’s the one that’s managed to get the upperhand. Even in the friendships (begrudging or otherwise) that he somehow manages to make. He’s actually very fun once someone gets to know him well, and once people and dragons realize that, it’s possible he may even come to like people as much as they like him. He isn’t all prickly thorns and bad attitude, but it’s only those persistent enough to get through his outer shell that will come to realize this.

Cuddy: How'd you know it was me?
House: There's a scent given off by wounded, feral cats.

As far as lessons go, he’ll participate - as long as he sees a reason for it. Once he has something down to a science, he’s not going to want to practice it, and he doesn’t need to. It’ll be your job to try and convince the Weyrlingmasters for Aedeluth, because he’s not going to argue. He just won’t do it, not without a really good reason. You getting punished for being unable to control him? Not his problem. It must be noted that he won’t ever shrink from physical exercise as long as his leg doesn’t hurt too badly, but as long as it doesn’t involve his leg, he’ll do it for as long as you like, and seems to enjoy it.

Tritter: [to House] Just take a swab and get it tested, OK?
House: Sorry. Already met this month's quota of useless tests for stubborn idiots.

Adulthood/Wing Proclivities:

House: I have an idea.
Wilson: Stop having ideas.

With adulthood, comes a whole new set of challenges, as Aedeluth steps up his game. When he has an idea? Be afraid. Be very afraid. You can try and talk him out of things, you might even be successfully on the rare occasion, but once Aede gets something into his head…watch out. It’ll be a 50/50 shot as to whether or not his ideas will get him and mostly you into trouble. Sure he’s smart, but he has some of the most stupid ideas ever conceived. You know it, he knows it.. he doesn’t care. If it’s fun, if it's outrageous, if it will embarrass the fuck out of someone he doesn’t like? He will do the thing, and he’ll try to rope in as many as he needs to in order to pull it off. He’s extremely resourceful, to the point of frightening.

House: Eighth time's a charm!

It’s been mentioned that Aedeluth is stubborn, right? If at first he doesn’t succeed, he will keep trying until he is forced to stop. No matter what the consequences. It won’t matter that R’hyn has told him to drop it, or that E’mi has made him do that five extra sessions of wing lifts with the junior weyrlings. He has to be the best, he has to solve the puzzle, he has to be the best. It’s not the recognition that he is after (though he has his pride, don’t you worry about that), he just needs to solve the mystery behind just about everything. Why is that child crying? Why is Catwin wearing so much clothing? Why is Tanit eating that while it’s still moving? Why is R’hyn smiling at you like that? There is just so much that he doesn’t understand, and he will never ever be satisfied until everything under Pernese skies is known. So, never.

Foreman: House! You can't do this!
House: Oh, if I had a nickel for every time I heard that.

Get used to saying “for fuck’s sake Aedeluth” because he’ll do things merely for the entertainment value rather than whether it makes sense to anyone else. He hates being bored, things that are boring, or anything that might even remotely be considered boring. Aedeluth loves his puzzles, and will do everything and anything he has to in order to solve them. He will break all the rules, step on all the toes, destroy valuable friendships, even break someone’s heart all in the pursuit of puzzle solving. Aedeluth can feel guilty, but only after his puzzle has been solved, because he hyper focuses. He won’t understand that people don’t get him, and he might need you to explain it in part, but ultimately only you understand his driving goal and how he ticks. The inner machinations of his mind? They’re an enigma. As long as you get it (even if you really don’t), that’s fine with him. Everyone else can kiss his genital slit.

House: Work smart, not hard.

Aede? In the scheme of things? He really doesn’t give a shit and unless he’s getting something out of it, he will put in as least effort as possible. At least about ninety percent of the time. When it comes time to select a wing assignment, about the only wing he’ll refuse is Seamount, because what’s so fun about moving stuff from one part of the world to another. Does he look like a delivery truck to you? What’s a delivery truck? Yeah, don’t ask. He will do well in Atoll, taking great pleasure in just sitting back and watching ‘the little people’ falling apart over the most ridiculous things. However, he can make some pretty raunchy jokes and is hardly the quietest or most well behaved of beasts. He also has no interest in positions of power, but the idea of you as a Weyrleader someday adds a note of amusement so deep in him, he might just put a little extra effort in to make that happen. After all, he believes in the power of entertainment, even at the expense of others. You being bossed around and endlessly tortured by J’en in Archipelago? Priceless. He might even get a kick out of you bossing around candidates and weyrlings, if that’s where your heart says to go.

House: Come on. He’s old, sick, tiny. We can do whatever we want to him.

Interpersonal Interactions:

House: Let's go for a walk. Walking gives the illusion of the story moving forward.

If things aren’t interesting, Aedeluth won’t care. The second that something becomes ‘boring’ he checks out mentally. He might go poking around in someplace he’s not supposed to, ask questions he has no business asking, stir up trouble for trouble’s sake, but never think for once that he doesn’t care as much as people think he doesn’t. While he can hide things from you and he won’t allow you to do the same, you know him better than anyone else. He’ll feel betrayed if you reveal all of his secrets (such as the ‘punchline’) or try to keep your own. Underneath it all? Aedeluth is one of the good guys, even if he’ll deny it with his dying breath. The stuff that counts? He doesn’t want recognition for that, because it's stuff that he doesn’t matter and should be done anyway. It’s the things that require the intricacies of his mind, the passion of his forethought, and a perfectly executed plan that he’ll expect to be praise. Though, he’ll smugly conceal it and wait for others to notice.

House: Wow! You - are - *ugly*!
Kenny: Wow! You're an *ass*!

House: Where’re you going?
Foreman: You’re an ass.
House: I know. Where’re you going?

Get used to him being referred to as being an ass. Most people who don’t bother to get to know him and more than a couple that do, will quickly come to this conclusion. He is an ass, and he knows it. He tells it how it is and doesn’t give a fuck what other people think, not unless something he says or does turns out to permanently damage one of his very few close friendships. He’s capable of laughing, enjoying himself and the company of others, even of being a true friend. It’s just that he honestly doesn’t give a shit about anyone other than himself and you…that is until it might be too late to salvage a relationship. Then, he’ll get stubborn and silly trying to reconnect, and if he’s still rejected? He’ll act like he doesn’t care, when you know he does. He might need to bring him back down to the ground and do what you have to do in order to smooth things over. Aedeluth, won’t take it seriously though.

Wilson: [to House] That was…sensitive.
House: You have pretty hair.

Dragons are supposed to have a very short term memory. In Aedeluth’s case, not only does he remember, he holds grudges. Fear not. He’s not super dragon or anything, and he will eventually forget it’s just that he has the ability to remember longer than most of his species. When he’s angry? Really and truly angry? Watch out. Another of his uncanny abilities will be that he can instantly assess and pinpoint the weak point necessary in order to bring someone to their metaphorical knees. In such instances, he goes beyond mean to scathing, and he is merciless with his words. If explanations or apologies are made? He will dismiss them. Not entirely, getting written off completely by him, that’s pretty difficult. Probably only because he has a dragon’s memory. He’ll have some slight idea that he should be upset, but even this fades in time.

Chase: Can we talk?
House: Nope.
Chase: I really think you need…
House: Either you screwed me and you want absolution or you didn't and you want applause. Either way, not interested.

Why did Aedeluth choose you? Well, that’s…complicated. There's probably a myriad of reasons but it might just all boil down to one simple fact: If you can love one grumpy ogre of a personality, then why not two? You see…like onions, ogres have layers, and Aede’s probably the biggest and baddest ogre of them all. His lows are the lowest, his highs are the highest, though for the most part he hangs out in the median between the two. You are his home, his base of operations, and probably the only one on the entire planet who can put up with him on the long term. You, are his Wilson.


Cameron: [when House gets a new cane] Nice cane.
House: [with a sexual wink and voice] If I know what you mean.

You would think with all of his disinterest in things uninteresting to him (which just so happened to include females) that maybe you’d lucked out and wouldn’t have to deal with a lustful Aedeluth. WRONG. The second that you guys are past the mating flights lecture he out of the gates and running, well, limping towards the finish line. Greens. Golds. He loves them all and by love, Aedeluth means wants. He’ll be especially flirtatious with the females he spent his youth torturing with his dismissiveness, like Ilyscaeth. As she gets older, wiser, more regal…the more he’ll notice her. « I thought Ilyscaeth wasn’t anything more than a nice set of hind limbs, but she knows what she’s talking about. You should listen to her, S’ven. » While he can appreciate beauty, it’s only a female with a mind as sharp as his own that he’ll find fascinating enough to spend any of his precious time with. He’s picky, very picky, and after the initial race or three has been won will he start to calm down to display the reflection of his selectiveness. It won’t matter if she isn’t as interested, he’ll keep plucking away at her until things start to turn nasty, his response to even the most benign of her comments into something obviously lewd and suggestive.

Cuddy: Men are stupid
House: I'm with you so far.
Cuddy: I'm notifying security.
House: Give her a break. She's not dangerous, she's… insightful. You can't stop our love!

Everything is worthy of a joke, even mating. When a female he’s been keeping his eye on begins to glow, you’ll have a hard time keeping him away or getting him to do anything but flirt with her. It’ll get bad, then worse, long before it even starts to get better. When blooding he’ll try to woo her with his charm, and he can be very charming indeed, which might even surprise someone if they weren’t busy with the flight at hand. He’ll toss out all of the witty comments and accurately targeted complaints, one after the other. « Myrakath, I don’t think I’ve ever seen any dragon kill with such deadly accuracy. You’ve been practicing…» Looks her over, nice and slow. «All of the right things. » The other males present won’t matter to him, until she takes to the air. That’s when the kit gloves come off.

« If you can’t keep up Nehehkath, then you should have stayed home. »

On the ground he has some trouble, but in the air he is flawless. He has a deviant and calculating mind, sussing up the competition rather quickly and he’ll prey upon their weaknesses. He’ll come within inches of a collision in order to either distract another male or steal some of their momentum. Aedeluth will taunt them, try to get them to focus on him rather than the goal, but unless someone manages to out maneuver him or attack him head on with be left with only his laughter and a particularly scathing remark on their ineptitude. Some of his daring do will leave you wondering if he has some sort of death wish, but knowing him like you do, this is just another one of those things he has to prove that he’s the best at.

« Why are you even here, Fascath? I think we both know who’s going to win this. »

If he catches. Prepare for the endless smug of all smugness. It won’t only be you that has to suffer him though, he’ll share with anyone and everyone. At least for the first couple of hours. He’s the best you see, he knows how to satisfy a female unlike everyone else, and this one was his. He’ll stay with her too, until she chases him off or he gets bored and he’s surprisingly cuddly after a flight. He’ll continue to tell her how lovely she is, emitting all the sounds and sensations of his satisfaction, until he’s not. Then it’s back to you, back to normal, back to everything that’s really important.

If he fails, he won’t dwell on it. In fact, he’ll forget instantly anything he might have been boasting about only moments before. That female? What female? He’ll be your willing shuttle off to wherever it is that you want to go, or even be content curling up for a nap somewhere in a warm patch of sun or back on his ledge if you’ve happened to find yourself some company. There is no judgement or mockery, after all, he has no ground to stand on. He isn’t going to dwell on his mating losses and he doesn’t think you should either. All's fair in love in war, ce la vi, and all that jazz.

House: You like that!
Wilson: It's annoying, but she's good at it.
House: Wait a second. This isn't just about the sex. You like her personality. You like that she's conniving. You like that she has no regard for consequences. You like that she can humiliate someone if it serves…[stops abruptly]
House: Oh my God. You're sleeping with me!

Your choice of mate? Amuses him, endlessly. He might pick on you about it now and then, but expect him to just smug in all his smuggy smugginess. You’re basically mating with him. Just, let that sink in and stew. Yes. That’s right.


What will always be a constant is the drone of something mechanical whirling in the background of your mind, like a low hum, which may drive you batty at first. Eventually it will just become one of those things that is a gentle reminder that your lifemate is always there with you, no matter what. There is always a level of heat to his thoughts and the subtle scent of dust burning, both of which increase in moments of strong emotion. His curiosity introduces the odor of warmed rubber and synthetic oil, intensifying with his interest, making the internal search for the answer to whatever puzzles him to light up even the depths of his mind. Aedeluth’s mind voice is on the deeper side of tenor but it sounds processed and a bit on the distorted side as if it were coming through an intercom or a fan set on low. When calm and relaxed streams of coolly felt data pulse with shifting numbers, each casting an eerie green glow between bands of interconnecting pale blue pathways that shoot off and disappear or fade slowly in and out with an electronic quality. The images he projects are digital, cast on a floating LED screen, originating from a single light source shining up from the darkness. If there are many images, such as when he is excited, there are many sources. When he’s agitated the color he uses to represent himself changes to orange, and his digital projections have more flaws. Flickering or missing cells. When he’s angry everything goes to hell, a warning siren will go out, all of his screens flashing brilliantly red and unreadably fuzzy as he struggles to articulate himself visually. However, he will have no problems saying exactly what he wants to, audibly. All decisions are made from an option menu, which he will actively scroll through to review, until he makes up his mind. Once initiated, his selection will flash rapidly several times before fading out and the action then will take place.


Hello S'van and welcome to weyrlinghood at Half Moon Bay! Take a breath, you've made it. Let's get down to the meat and potatoes of this thing, shall we?


Our egg theme this cycle was "Superpowers" and the egg Drone, Hum, and Whirr was created to represent the power of psionics (the psychic ability to control or manipulate things that are electronic). The anime Ghost in the Shell inspired the mind touches, specifically Major Kusanagi's ability to 'dive' into another’s digital consciousness, and so I translated this into Aedeluth’s mind voice to tie everything in together.


Aedeluth is pronounced "Eh-DE-Luth" and hopefully falls within the parameters that you set. It is less than sixteen characters long, pronounceable, and easy to write. æðelu is Old English for noble genius which can be either a strong feminine noun or a strong neuter noun depending on prefix. It may not be strong and masculine per say, but it at least sounds masculine and also kinda fancy. Try saying it fast!


For his physical description, I turned to Google and found a digital texture sample that I felt could work with your request to have just a solid color with only subtle variations. I was rather pleased with the outcome and I hope that you are too! Though, you might recall my complaints about feeling constrained on the dragon I was writing and now you know why! I shake my fist at you sir! I am a very visual person and when I saw you didn't want a bunch of colors or detailed patterns: I wept! I wept, bitter, bitter tears! It was joked among some of the members of SCo that Aedeluth's desc was only going to be three sentences. 'This is a bronze dragon. He is bronze. He has wings and flies with them.' Not how it worked out, but the thought did make me laugh.


Finally, we come to personality. You asked for Tony Stark, but unfortunately there was already a dragon on the grid based on him. However, you did say if Tony was unavailable that it should be attempted to get as close to him as possible. I spent days trying to come up with someone who fit almost all of the criteria that you laid out. Pure genius. Cocky and arrogant, but with the smarts to back it up. Possessed of a quick wit, unafraid to call it like is, and completely unapologetic…while at his core still one of the good-guys. After too many hours to count of deliberating with myself and throwing potentials around SCo, your Aedeluth's personality became based on House M.D., from the medical television series of the same name. I toned down some of House's more unamiable traits (such as being a drug addict, and a self-destructive risk taker).

As you might have guessed by now, Aedeluth was written from start to finish by J'en. All joking aside, if there is anything that you don't like…please feel free to tweak it or even erase everything and start over from scratch. He is yours to do with as you please. Consider anything you read above as the suggestions that they are meant to be. Once again, welcome S'van, we're so pleased to have you with us.


Name Aedeluth
Dam Celimoth
Sire Xermiltoth
Created By J'en
Impressee S'van (Sevran)
Hatched July 13, 2017
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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