Gentle Giant Brown Agridhath

Huge and thickly built, this brown hatchling seems almost too big to belong. Dark mahogany spreads over his powerfully built shoulders and back, melting into a deep klah brown that engulfs his massive tail. Pale cocoa skims over his wings, though the thin and delicate membranes seem almost too frail to hold his giant frame. Blocky and harshly cut, his head is just as big as the rest of him with well-defined eyeridges and short headknobs. Despite his brutish appearance, there's a softness in his expression and lumbering gait that make him seem less intimidating than his features would suggest.

Egg Name and Description

Power and Parapets Egg
Towers and arches of grey build quickly upon each other, layer upon later of imposing stone, curling around this rather large egg without hesitance. Perched quite precariously upon its very end, the greys almost seem to move, shifting, changing, the pattern never remaining the same for any length of time. A flash of brown, a streak of red, and the hints of brighter hues chase each other around the shell, caught in endless pursuit.

Hatching Message

Power and Parapets Egg gives a tiny hop and a shiver all of a sudden as though it were startled into wakefulness. It shivers in place for a second before falling silent once more.

Spidery cracks trace their way over the shell of Power and Parapets Egg as it starts to shiver again. It trembles and rocks, as though some massive earthquake were causing it to shake in place. With one final shudder it falls still again to bide its time.

Power and Parapets Egg can't handle it anymore. It gives one almighty tremble and then falls over, its shell breaking into tiny pieces that litter the sands. Sitting amidst the wreckage is a huge mass of brown hatchling. Tentatively, the Gentle Giant Brown Hatchling lifts his massive head to peer towards the white-robed candidates.

Impression Message

Gentle Giant Brown Hatchling takes a little while to get to his feet - there's just so much of him to account for that he gets tangled in his limbs several times before staggering upright. Once going, though, he's like a slowly lumbering block of solid brown bulk. He shambles along the line of candidates, peering intently at each face before moving on. Slow he might be in gait, but he's fast in finding his chosen. He plops down in front of a short teenage girl with shockingly bright blonde hair that's one of the Weyr guards, Aladora, who jumps at first but soon breaks into a wide grin, "Agridhath! No, no, you didn't scare me. I'm your Dora - I'd never be scared of you!" Impulsively she embraces the brown's huge head and, tears in her eyes, Aladora, now Dora, heads off of the sands with her new behemoth of a lifemate.



Name Gentle Giant Brown Agridhath
Dam Gold Miraneith
Sire Bronze Glyith
Created By Egg: L'ton, Dragon: Ae'gus, A'ven & Enka
Impressee Dora
Hatched November 21, 2010
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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