Big Buff and Beautiful Blue Allouisineth

This dragon is large and bulky! For a blue, at least. It's got an impressive physique, each muscle perfectly sculpted under its hide. An angular handsome face leads into a thick powerful neck and then down to a long, whip-like tail. It stands on strong legs, with feet and claws that look almost too large for it, making it a study thing, even on the ground. Its wings, when folded back, look to be of normal size. But when unfolded they, too, appear to be a bit oversized, even for the blue's additional girth. It's coloring is not specifically of note. A standard blue, just a bit deeper than the sky. There are some unusual darker patches though around the eyes, mouth and covering the feet. These make the eyes, teeth and bone white claws pop out against the rest of the hide. Oddly enough it doesn't make the blue seem threatening though, more like he's smiling jovially most of the time. There's also a strange swirl on the top of it's head in a lighter sea-blue, difficult to see other than from above.

Egg Name and Description

Not Fooling Anyone Egg
This egg is blotchy pink. A sort of salmony color in some spots, softening to peach in other spots. Nothing about the egg is smooth or even. It almost seems to furiously sit amongst its brethren, an offensive sore thumb sticking out amongst the smooth colors around it. On the top of this egg sits a crown of orangeish hay; a swirl of lines that seem to swath about in no particular direction, shape or form. Not thick enough to cover the mass of angry pink below and yet still enough to distract the eye. Up close one gets the urge to brush the hay aside, or force it all to move one way, but of course that would be as fruitless as attempting to persuade a tunnelsnake to duet with a trundlebug. No, this egg is pretentious, loud, and here to stay.

Hatching Message

Wobble: Not Fooling Anyone Egg gives a tremendous shake! It almost hops in the sand, making a bold statement that it's here and ready to go!

Crack: Not Fooling Anyone Egg just sits there in the sand. Not doing anything, not moving. Maybe it's changed its mind? No wait? it looks like it's starting to rumble? Like a tiny earthquake on a tiny planet in the space of the sands.

Hatch: Not Fooling Anyone Egg rumbles more! It looks almost seizurely on the sands for a moment, and then the egg splinters outward into tiny pieces that fall to the sand in a cloud of dust. All that's left is the shell's occupant, spread out on its hind legs, forearms and wings spread out into an X shape!

Impression Message

Big Buff and Beautiful Blue Hatchling has finally made his entrance! After padding about (or maybe prancing about?) he slides over along the line of candidates. Back and forth he paces, looking over all of them several times at a glance. And then? he spots her! Older, long blonde hair. That one was his! He bounds through the crowd toward her, nearly toppling her if not for an agile move to the side by the candidate herself. Instead his front paws fall into the sand and he stretches his neck out toward her. The candidate's expression doesn't change, but her eyes seem to twinkle a bit. "Mmm, yes? Allouisineth, understood. Livia, then. Fine. I suppose you do need to eat something. Don't concern yourself, I will take care of your basic needs until you can hunt on your own? This way, follow me." And the pair move off the sands after a weyrlingmaster.



The Size of Thunder



Name Allouisineth
Dam Gold Valigath
Sire Bronze Dhonzayth
Created By Zi'on
Impressee Livia
Hatched September 20, 2015
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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