Stealing Back the Stars Blue Aluath

Rich cobalt blue colors the hide of this small blue, brushing over his trim chest, twisting around to creep upwards along his ridges, trailing along his slim underside, the vibrant hue feathering downwards along each lean limb, mingling with slightly brighter azure hues near his ebony talons, and sweeping down his long tail, casting his hide with gorgeous brightness. Viridian tickles his throat, delicately dancing under his chin and sweeping upwards, only to be hidden behind a mask of cerulean which starts at his narrow muzzle and sweeps backwards, claiming eyeridges and headknobs alike, before it fades into the cobalt of his body. Persian blue ridges slip down his back, between the expanse of his large wings, where his true beauty lies, gathered upon each spar-crossed sail. Viridian, teal and cobalt fight for dominance, almost iridescent in their coloration, as the brighter dawn threaten, breaking up the darkness of night.

Egg Name and Description

Shadows of Nightmares Egg
Wispy shades of of purple and blue mingle, fighting for dominance as they wind feathering fingers around the shell, stretching to envelop the surface in their dark hues. Shadows gather, here and there, darkness pooling near the base of the egg, while firm brush strokes drag the inky shades upwards, dark, rigid tree-trunks against the nighttime sky. And yet, in the midst of the darkness, there is a spark of light, a bit of brightness - a spot of yellow, attempting to chase the shadows away.

Shades of Sleep linger at the edge of your mind, teasing, taunting, a dream waiting just out of reach, waiting for you to slip into gentle slumber. Hazy grays darken into ebony, pulling you slowly, until you are surrounded, confusion taking hold, overwhelming all other emotions. And then, hidden in the darkness is a soft touch, brushing against your mind. Where are you? -Who- are you? Why is it so dark? The darkness deepens, thick and heavy, slowly seeming to steal your senses, leaving your mind alone in this illusion of darkness, the gentle touch all but overwhelmed by the black.

Shades of Sleep brighten, briefly, a spark of light, a bit of flame throwing the shadows back, chasing away the nightmares that threaten. Retreating darkness still lingers on the edges of your mind, ready to return without warning, but then the light seems to strengthen, glowing a bit more brightly, and the mind that touches yours warms, albeit briefly, winding around you, reassuring and refreshing you.

Shades of Sleep are still threatened by the darkness at the edges, but a new sense of confidence is beginning to tickle your mind, tendrils exploring tentatively, while they attempt to push back the darkness. Strengthened by your touch, by your contact, the gentle mind begins to establish its own footing, before suddenly, a loud crack in your mind, and it all goes black, and you are left on the Sands, alone in body and mind, with the shadows once more in control.

Hatching Message

Finally, it seems that the nightmare has ended, and darkness has been banished, as the cracks win out over the continued existence of the Shadows of Nightmares Egg, and it falls to pieces on the floor, leaving behind a small blue who shakes his head, looking sleepily around him - what is this strange new world?

Impression Message

Warmth floods your mind, warm hues filling into the corners, and the sands are far away, replaced by the sensations of a beautiful summer day. The sweet song of birds flutters through your mind, before it is replaced by a lovely tenor. « Oh, Raelii. I have finally awoken from that dream, and you are *here!* » Ribbons of pink dance through your thoughts, satisfaction evident in the tone. « I am Aluath, and together we shall see it all.. But first.. can we see some food? »


The first few weeks of your life together with Aluath will be a bit of a challenge. You have both found yourself in a new world - you figuratively and him literally - and it will take a bit of time for him to find his feet, and sort things out. The first few weeks may be filled with questions - do you think it is ok to do that? Are you sure that isn't too much meat? What is Azminath doing over there - that doesn't seem right! However, as he finds his feet, and his wings, Aluath will begin to grow up, finding self-confidence along the way. Once he has a few wins under his wings, he will begin to believe that he can do anything he puts his mind to - at least, with your help. « Raelii! Which way is the wind blowing? I think I will fly better, if I face that way! » He will likely need you to help rein in his ego, and provide that second opinion of whether something is really as good of an idea as he thinks it is.

With Aluath's growing self confidence comes a growing boldness, and with that boldness comes a slight problem: Aluath's willingness to attempt anything (or so it seems) once. After all - how will he know if it is fun/enjoyable/terrible/no good without trying? And so try he will - hopefully Raelii will be able to keep him in line, or it may make for some awkward conversations when repaying a farmer for a goat or sheep that went down his gullet because he simply had to see if it tasted different than the herdbeasts at the weyr. Or when he is grounded for a week to let a wing-strain heal when he attempts a complicated maneuver during flight lessons - simply because he saw Taiyokanth or Irkevalath do it, despite their years of experience. Simply said - life will never be boring, with Aluath to keep an eye on.

When he is young, and grounded, Aluath's physical motion will resemble that of a strutting bird - and as he becomes more self-confident, so will his gait become more self-assured. There will be none of the awkward shuffling walks of the other dragons, he will do his best to look great while he is walking, as weird as it may be. Once he is cleared to fly, the ego will translate to there as well - he will insist on practicing whenever possible, to quickly become the best flyer in the clutch, and will be precise and perfect in the air.

Aluath will also be an enabler, as the months pass into turns, he will continue to be that voice in the back of your head, ribbons of fuchsia betraying his excitement at the prospect of a new bit of adventure. « Celimoth won't care if we go off our sweeps route just a little.. I mean, what if we found something exciting! » The little nudges will occur whether your dilemma concerns your professional life or your personal one. « Oh, he is cute! You should go talk to him! » Sometimes, listening to him will be more trouble than ignoring him, but sometimes things will work out just as they should. Of course, you aren't the only one he will egg-on, for his clutchmates will not escape from his… 'suggestions'. « Oh, Valigoth, you can *definitely* eat another herdbeast. You are a gold, you need to eat more! » Perhaps his clutchmates will have better sense than to listen, but that is something you will have to wait and see.

Despite Aluath often fulfilling the role of 'Bad Idea Bear', he is able to grow up and act like an adult if you need him to - after all, you are his first friend, and everyone else is a distant second. If you are upset, he will forget the dares he is making to others, forget trying to egg you into some task, and focus solely on you, listening to all you have to say before giving any input. Even then, it may not be the best, but he will make the attempt.

When he is young, and grounded, Aluath's physical motion will resemble that of a strutting bird - and as he becomes more self-confident, so will his gait become more self-assured. There will be none of the awkward shuffling walks of the other dragons, he will do his best to look great while he is walking, as weird as it may be. Once he is cleared to fly, the ego will translate to there as well - he will insist on practicing whenever possible, to quickly become the best flyer in the clutch, and will be precise and perfect in the air.

When it comes to flights, Aluath is neither going to chase every green that rises, nor ignore them completely. When he is younger, he may chase more often, just to see why it is supposedly so interesting. The first time or two, he will likely be at the back of the pack, attempting to figure out exactly what the best strategy is, and any success he may have will likely be from luck rather than talent. As he ages, he may chase, he may not, depending if it is someone new and interesting.. « Oh, Taiyokanth is glowing again. I have seen how she flies, already, Loyth can have her. » He may even get it in his head once - and only once - to try and chase a gold. He'd be lucky to last more than a few minutes, but he would come back full of exhilaration from the chase - so much faster and higher than anything he'd ever experienced, but just not worth the effort.


Aluath carries a light with him, both in his personality and in his mind - his thoughts are consistently bright - warm hues of yellow and peach, intermingled perhaps with reds, pinks, and oranges. When he is particularly excited about something, there may be bright flashes of fuchsia or magenta - ribbons of vibrance dancing through his thoughts. At the same time, on those occasions where he may be feeling down or blue, he will turn to you for solace - and his mind's hues will be muted - the saturated colors fading towards gray.

Aluath's mind embodies the scents and sounds of a warm summer day - like soft rays of sunshine on your face, a gentle breeze that slips through your mind, the smell of freshly cut grass, and the whispers of birdsong. The wind can be an indicator of his mood, with the strength of it mirroring his emotions. His voice itself is a soft, lilting tenor, turning everything into strange poetry, and always possessing a certain hollow sound to it - almost dreamlike in its echoes.


This cycle's theme at Half Moon Bay was Nintendo games, and this egg in particular was based off of the game 'Child of Light'. While Alauth is drawn from the game, Child of Light's heavy basis on the ideas of fairy tales and the journey to adulthood, I feel that his is not truly a video-game based dragon.

Child of Light tells the story of a young girl who walks up in a dream world - Lemuria - where a dark queen has stolen away the sun, moon, and stars, and it is up to the child - Aurora, the daughter of an Austrian duke - to return the light to the world. While at first she is quite reluctant, she meets friends and allies along the way, who band together and find strength to overcome each of their own challenges. It is a coming of age story, which translates quite well to your journey together through weyrlinghood.

Alauth's name comes from the Hawaiian name Alaula, meaning Light of the Dawn. In Child of Light, Aurora (Dawn) brings back to the light and chases away the darkness, just like Alauth will carry his own light forth, to you and his clutchmates.

I hope you enjoy him, and as always, everything here is merely suggestions - feel free to tweak him as you want.



Name Aluath
Dam Gold Celimoth
Sire Bronze Teimyrth
Created By Raev
Impressee Raelii
Hatched November 23, 2014
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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