Lost Gone Found Green Anshenuith

Spring's first leaves drape across a delicate frame, the pale greens dappled as though by the morning sunlight. Honeyed dewdrops freckle from her chiseled muzzle and proud cheeks, and darken over her headknobs. Her lithe, sinuous neck is soft green, the shade giving way to the slightly darker, dappled moss green which covers much of her narrow chest and body. Her back is much brighter, touched more strongly by sunshine such that the bright light filters the mossy hue to chartreuse along her shoulders. The shades lighten more still across her fragile wingsails. Tones of honey-gold filter the nearly-transparent wings, promising to catch the true sun's light beautifully. The shade darkens towards the base of her wings, and dapples of honey gold and chartreuse filter down her legs and towards her tail. Clouds of spring green float down that long, whippy tail, while shadows darken into forest green along its underside.

Egg Name and Description

Carry On My Wayward Egg
This egg is nearly perfectly shaped. Not too round, not too oblong. Perhaps a touch on the tall side, but proportional. An egg. On first glance, the colors of the shell are mostly dull greys, though there is a jagged red and yellow belt round the middle. Closer inspection will reveal that the greys are a myriad of related hues which blend to create a rather foggy impression. That red and yellow belt is much more intricate. Towards the base on part of the egg, the belt is broken by the foggy grey shades. From this center breaking point, the red and yellow suddenly takes shape- wings! But no dragon wings, certainly. Feathers taper off from yellow into red into nearly black. These wings wrap all around the egg, lifting higher and topping off just shy of the apex. In the center of these wings, there is an area of white so bright it could be sunlight, and little lines stream out and upward from here, fading as they reach towards the apex.

Hatching Message

Just a bit of a wobble. Maybe another one, to follow up. The Carry On My Wayward Egg shifts in place, a thin web of fractures starting to spread across the shell.

The tiny network of fractures spreading across the Carry on My Wayward Egg becomes more prominent as the egg's occupant makes a valiant effort to become free. But it just results in the egg toppling sideways, the landing kept gentle by the sand mounded up around the egg's base.

The sideways topple may not have broken the Carry On My Wayward Egg in some magnificent burst of eggshell and goo… but it did serve to weaken considerably the already fractured shell walls, and presently, a dainty green muzzle pokes its way through. Just for a moment! The muzzle pulls back in though, and close observers might notice a whirling dragon's eye peering through the hole left behind. The eye retreats, and tiny claws tear at the opening. Once it gets just big enough for a whole hatchling's head, a pretty green face pushes through, and those claws tear downward at the same time. And, all at once, the shell surrounding the intrepid green falls away, bits of shell and goo sticking to her body even as they fall to the sand at her feet. And there she stands, looking for all the world rather shocked at the whole process.

Impression Message

Somewhere in the back of your mind, you start to become aware of a buzzing. High pitched, but so quiet you don't notice at first. It rises in volume steadily, and the moment you actually take notice and try to discern its source, the volume shrieks up quite suddenly, then disappears as quickly as it had shrieked upwards. « Oh! I am terribly sorry, I do apologize! » The soothing voice is low-pitched, lilting. Out there on the sands, the delicate green hatchling has stopped in front of you and there she stands, holding back politely but whirling eyes fixed on you. « I did not understand how to speak to you until this very moment… » You'll get a sense of deep shame from the dragonet, whose neck bends just so, the embarassment clear. « Nisa? May I call you that? And you may call me Anshenuith. I would like to stay with you, please. » The dragonet moves closer, and the heat of the sands falls away. Blurry flickers of blue, black, tan and red play at the edges of your vision as the tone becomes more earnest. « I have wanted you from the moment you touched my egg. » Even as you may begin to sense her hunger, you will also begin to feel a deep, joyful love. Anshenuith. Her love, loyalty, and devotion are yours, and yours alone.


"Do you hear, do you hear that sound?
It's the sound of the lost gone found
It's the sound of a mute gone loud
It's the sound of a new start!"

Anshenuith is born with a certain joie de vivre, a love of life, the physical world, and especially you. Her devotion is unwavering, although sometimes it may seem to you that she has far different priorities. This may happen particularly when she is disappointed by whatever you've asked of her, or when she's got a 'crush', for lack of a better term, on another dragon. These crushes will pop up again and again during her life, and while they may not truly be romantic, they can become very awkward- for you, her, and the other party- because Anshenuith has some… difficulty picking up on and understanding the intentions and motivations of others. Any time she notices another dragon acting particularly brave, bold, or clever, she's bound to, well… appreciate that. Her words will be polite to the letter, of course, but her meanings and intentions are often lost on others- including, perhaps, on you.

This will certainly be exacerbated during her youth, when you will both be struggling to find your feet in this brave new world of weyrlinghood. However, with so many of her siblings also struggling to find their feet, these crushes will be particularly ephermal. Each time a sibling is clever, that same sibling may a moment later prove to be completely ridiculous or in some cases, mean-spirited. And oh, how Anshenuith dislikes both of these things! She may often feel as though she is left out of the joke, and sometimes she will rightfully suspect that she is, in fact, the brunt of the joke.

"Oh! And it goes with where you go
Don't lose faith for the friends
You don't need a thing, you already know
You are right as you are!"

Like her inspiration, Castiel, she will have a very difficult adjustment period to the Real World. For your part, Nisa, this means you will have to adjust your own learning curve, and perhaps quickly. For Anshenuith will be forever asking you what she's done wrong to earn her sibling or the weyrlingmaster's ire… or she will be asking what *you* did wrong to be snickered at by other humans. While this will undoubtedly be embarassing, you have to understand that her curiousity is earnest to the extreme. It will be up to you to convince her that she does not have to avenge you when you've been wronged- knowing that her idea of vengeance will most likely get her laughed at.

As Anshenuith grows and begins to make sense of the world, she will become exponentially more confident. She will come to have very strong ideals, and may surprise even herself with her own boldness. Like Castiel, she will dive right into the causes she believes strongly in, and she will try to take you along with her. If you don't agree? Well… too bad, because she will find a way to trick you into going along with her plan anyway (that's her trickster Crowley side coming out!). Even as she will always struggle to understand why other dragons or creatures don't follow her directions all the time, she will continue to push for whatever it is that has caught her fancy. These fancies may be anything simple as rearranging the weyr to more complex plans to win a battle of the wits with a clutchsibling. Because she is not particularly quick witted, these plans can take awhile, and will invariably not have the impact intended. She is the kind of mind that thinks of a witty come back hours or days after an embarrassing moment. But unlike many, she won't just let it go. She will find *some* way to get her comeback out there, even if it's to trick somebody into a situation where she can use it.

"Kiss with a mouth of shooting stars
Of lost and broken hearts
Unafraid you can name your scars
With a touch of a new heart."

When Anshenuith becomes proddy for the first time, you may both be very confused. Just like Castiel, urges of a baser nature truly perplex her. She will follow the urges, but at least the first flight, she may misunderstand everything that is happening. This may lead to her attacking her admirers and then chasers in self defense, and you will certainly have to keep a careful hold on her mind when she is blooding to ensure that she will be able to fly. However, once she understands what flights are all about, she may well come to enjoy proddiness, thrilling in all the attention being paid specifically to her. Particularly when that attention is admiring and not derogatory or making fun of her awkward nature.

Some other possibilities you may enjoy exploring with Anshenuith would be a sense of optimism- her memory span is not particularly long. Concocting plans may fall apart as she forgets details (though she may well charge YOU with remember details for her!). As a consequence of shorter memory, she does not dwell on what in the heat of a moment may seem like injustices or insults. Ultimately she has love in her heart, and she is fascinated by the world. Even as relationships (platonic and otherwise) with other dragons confuse her as much as those with humans confuse you, she remains in perpetual love of the promise of fun, of life, of love. And most of all, she loves you.


Anshenuith's voice is low-pitched and soothing- like some long-ago memory of a mother or Auntie singing lullabies. There is a certain lilting, musical quality to her tones, and at any given moment her mental voice may be imbued with instrumental tones- strings, brass, winds, even human vocals. As Anshenuith becomes agitated or angered, that musical quality will disappear into a shrieking, whistling buzz. The kind which induces wincing, like nails on a chalkboard. Her mind's colors are generally pleasant shades of blue, brown, black, and red- sometimes a touch of green… however similar to her voice, negative emotions turn those pleasant hues into stormy tumultuous mess. When she's very excited either way, that mindscape may simply fall into a white or black blanket- all colors or no colors all at once.


The theme for the clutch is Angels and Demons in Pop Cultures, and for the Carry On My Wayward Egg, you guessed correctly and right away that it was based on Supernatural. We share that in common as a favorite fandom! The mind poses and your dragon's mind are roughly based off of Castiel himself- his angel voice and then his wonderfully soothing human voice. The colours of his suit and eyes… mmmm!

Anshenuith's name comes from the Innu word for angel, 'anshenui' and in my mind, I hear it as three syllables- Ahn-sheN-Nweeth. Her description was inspired by researching a bit about the 'real' angel Castiel, the angel of Thursday, whose colours, coincidentally, are considered to be pastel greens. I based her on my own first dragon on PernWorld, fully of dapples and springtime. I hope that as springtime arrives in the real world, you come to enjoy this little beauty inspired by the season. :)

And of course, the inspiration for the dragon herself is Castiel. I took bits of her personality from him as well as from Crowley so that there would be a touch of both the angel and the demon within her. The song I choose to inspire me through her creation and which I hope inspires you, is "Now is the Start" by A Fine Frenzy, one of my favorite composers. You can hear the song at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwqeEhs5v-o. I (Iris) really enjoyed created Anshenuith, and hope that you can find some RP hooks to aid the development of both yourself and her over the course of your character lives! Utimately, Anshenuith is yours, and you are free to expand or retract on any of the guidelines. Enjoy her, and welcome to weyrlinghood!


Name Lost Gone Found Green Anshenuith
Dam Gold Shadhavarth
Sire Bronze Tzettenvonth
Created By Iris
Impressee Nisa (Naris)
Hatched February 16, 2014
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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