Full of Stars Bronze Atrupennath

Long of bone and piled with sinewy musculature, this bronze dragon is all sharp angles instead of rounded curves. Mahogany bands litter the spine of this massive beast, and drip down into bright golden bronze like rust on new iron. The reddish bands fold into his nooks and crannies, joints and folds and add to his angular overly defined appearance. The red-bronze face of this dragon could hardly be called beautiful. Overly symmetrical with wide jaws that never seem to close correctly, leaving teeth to hang out in an awkward display. High pointed eye ridges with light colored shadows give this dragon the appearance that he's looking at you even when he isn't. Broad, heavy wings and a thick tail adorn this dragon's back and shoulders respectively, both made mostly of the rich red bronze with tips of the yellowed bronze. The well muscled frame is held up by strong legs with exaggerated angles at the joints. At the tip of each toe is a sickle-shaped black claw, long and sharp.

Egg Name and Description

The Infinite Void Egg
This egg is black. A deep, dark void in the midst of its colored brethren on the sands. A nearly perfect sphere, the symmetry and complete lack of blemish on this egg make it stand out as being almost artificial. From a distance it would be easy to mistake this egg for a rock, or a dud, but on closer inspection the egg seems to give of a pulsing radiation. It's not color, this egg has no color, but the way the light plays off the egg's sheen makes it feel as though it's alive. Smooth and silk-like to the touch, possibly beautiful in the way that a perfect cut of stone is beautiful as opposed to a gentle flower or arching rainbow would be.

Hatching Message

The Infinite Void Egg jitters on the sand a little bit. Then a bit more. And then a bit more. Now it looks like there's a tiny earthquake happening right underneath the egg as it seems to vibrate in place.

The Infinite Void Egg ceases it's jittering, remaining still for a while. Then a spot of spidery fractures appears on one side of the egg, the black offset by white cracks, looking like a pane of glass hit by a rock. Then another spot of circular and winding cracks appear. Soon most of the egg is covered in tiny fractures.

Structural integrity is failing on The Infinite Void Egg. Bits of outer egg are starting to flake away and what were once minor fractures in the surface are quickly becoming fissures. Finally the surface completely falls away as legs and tail and wings stretch out from beneath it.

Impression Message

Full of Stars Bronze Hatchling flares his wings a few times now that he's on his feet. He seems to be initiating a quick check to make sure everything is functional and all systems are go. Once he seems satisfied, the bronze makes his way towards the candidates, starting at one side and systematically moving through all of them. Each candidate is scanned and assessed. Too tall. Too small. Too female. Much too female. Too scrawny. Too angry. Too hairy. Oh, but what's this? He's found a lad on the shorter side. Older. Curly dark hair. Yes. This one will do! Drimeri is chatting with another one of the older candidates about how he shouldn't have been walking around yesterday without any shoes on when the bronze lifts his head to block Drimeri's view of anything else. "Wh-what? You're Atrupennath? I'm D're… I'm D're! Yes! Yes! Let's get some food straight away! It's this way, I think." The pair start wandering off the sands, and are quickly joined by one of the weyrlingmasters.


This egg's desc was based off of 2001: A Space Odyssey. The dragon desc was mode to look somewhat mechanical, like HAL or the outside of a spaceship. Egg and desc by Zi'on.


Name Full of Stars Bronze Atrupennath
Dam Gold Shadhavarth
Sire Bronze Teimyrth
Created By Zi'on
Impressee D're (Drimeri)
Hatched June 3, 2012
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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